USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cablesnull

USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cablesnull

Amsterdam, February 18th 2015

Club 3D today officially launches its USB 3.0 active repeater cables. With lengths of 5, 10 and 15 metres we are convinced that they will be a good addition to the computing experience for those who need to place webcams,storage devices or other peripherals a bit further away from their desktop PC. The active repeater cables are available from today and have recommended enduser prices of USD 39 for CAC-1401, USD 59 for CAC-1402 and USD 89 for CAC-1403. In Euro this would be 36/54/81 for the respective items based on current exchange rate. All prices are ex.VAT.

USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable

Tethering your devices up to 15 meters

The maximum practical length for the USB 3.0 cable is 3 meters but often certain applications require flexibility when it comes to cable lenght. To lift this lenght barrier, the USB 3.0 Active Repeater cable allows you to extend the USB 3.0 cable far beyond its maximum length. All 3 items will be available by Mid of February 2015.








Tethered shooting is connecting a computer to the camera via the USB port so the pictures you take are downloaded to the computer instead of the memory card.

Previewing photos in the field can be quite challenging. The small screen on the back of the camera doesn’t exactly give you a good representation of how well photos are turning out. You can easily tether your camera via USB to see your photos on a tablet, iPad, notebook or even on your workstation PC / Mac.



Multiple storage devices such as an external hard disk can take a lot of space. With the USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable you are able to clear your desk space or even secure them in safety cabinet.

Noise Most high spec storage devices such NAS or external hard disks include active fans for cooling. The main reason is to ensure data integrity during file transferring between the external hard disk and the host controller. Placing these devices away from your desk or your working environment will improve your computing experience.



HD webcams are becoming increasingly popular but in most cases the bundled USB cable is just too short. With the ultra high bandwidth active repeater cable you will not miss those high resolution images and recordings.

DSLR cameras have a feature called “Live View” which is intended to stream images to the LCD viewfinder or even across a USB connection. With specific apps for the smartphone or desktop PCs you can turn your device into a real-time remote viewfinder.

You can find more here

Security Most high definition security cameras use USB to transfer live feed, a setup that can be away from your workstation. Streaming with the active repeater cable can make things a lot easier.



Monitor placement USB driven displays sometimes is limited due to the length of the USB cable. With USB 3.0 Graphics adapters supporting resolutions up to 4K, data signal integrity is a must.
USB Graphic product list
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