VAR Technology To Be Used at the FIFA World Cup 2018

VAR Technology To Be Used at the FIFA World Cup 2018

It would be the first time that video technology would be used at the FIFA World Cup, when the event unfolds in Russia this summer. This has also been confirmed by FIFA executives, including Philippe Le Floc’h, FIFA’s chief commercial officer. VAR or Video Assistant Referee was put to trial during the 2017-18 season in many countries like England, Germany, and Italy. It’s all set to be incorporated in the FIFA World Cup 2018 now. If you’re someone who’d be placing a bet during this tournament, you can rest assured that VAR technology would help referees significantly in making the right decisions on the pitch.

FIFA’s Confirmation

Talking to the press, Phillipe Le Floc’h seemed confident that VAR will be implemented and stated that it’s excellent to have a technology like that in football as it would improve the fairness of the decisions. He also confirmed that FIFA is already in talks with the potential sponsors for the VAR technology before the start of the tournament in June this year. FIFA has been in talks with many tech companies who’ve shown interest in what FIFA has been doing on the tech front.

Criticized in the Past

It should be noted that VAR has been heavily criticised in the past owing to how it has been used during the domestic competitions. If you recall, the system was widely described as embarrassing and comical after Tottenham beat Rochdale in February, in an FA Cup match. A converted penalty was overturned and a goal was disallowed in that game because of VAR. One of the major issues among the fans has been that they are unable to view the replays that referees get to see for making their decisions. This is something that has led to a lot of confusion in the past. However, it has been decided that the crowd will also be informed if a decision is under review and how a final decision has been made, during the World Cup games. Thereafter, the replays would be shown only after the decision has been made, so that the official can decide without being influenced by the crowd.

This announcement from FIFA that replays would indeed be shown on big screens during the World Cup games came a day after Aleksander Caferin, the UEFA President insisted that VAR required further testing before being utilized in the UEFA Champions League. Talking about UEFA, here’s how you can bring European football championship to life in your living room! Talking to the press Mr. Caferin said, “I have some fear for the World Cup, where we will have referees who have never officiated with the VAR.” On the other hand, Pierluigi Collina, the chief of FIFA referees and someone who has already officiated in a World Cup final said that the system is all about avoiding any obvious and clear major errors. He further reiterated that the technology is not about refereeing a match in entirety, as its primary goal is not at all to look into every minor incident.

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