Watch our new video about our IPC hardware products and complete OEM/ODM services

iStarUSA Group: Your trusted partner for IT hardware and OEM/ODM services

iStarUSA Group is your partner and a leader in the IPC industry. We have over 30,000 SKUs including power supplies, server chassis and cabinets, hot-swap mobile drive cages, embedded chassis, and UPSs.

We also are your one-stop provider of OEM/ODM solutions, from design to manufacturing. Our factory capabilities include NCT, molding, bending machines, plastic injection, punching press, CNC punching press, CNC stamping, assembly, silk screening, and more.

The video above (also available at explains our company background, our range of products, and our OEM/ODM capabilities.

Visit our website at, add us on social media via the icons below, and contact us at any time to learn more!

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