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Introducing JetExpress: It’s time to redefine storage performance once again

OCZ was excited to unveil its next-generation JetExpress SSD controller at CES last week in LV, Nevada, previewing the cutting-edge technology to customers and press. As the future heart and soul of OCZ’s entire line of SSDs, JetExpress will be OCZ’s most versatile and advanced controller yet. JetExpress will be both native SATA (AHCI) and native PCIe (NVMe) Gen. 3 x 4 and be used for M.2, SATA, and 2.5-inch PCIe (SFF-8639) storage solutions. Consumer-grade JetExpress-based solutions are expected to redefine the enthusiast SSD market this year. Gear up!

Check out two in-depth articles at Anandtech.com and CustomPCreview.com.

960GB of Pure Performance: Vector 180 coming to a PC near you

The upcoming OCZ Vector 180 series was also previewed at CES 2015 and will be launched at the beginning of the year. This new enthusiast-grade SSD takes reliability to the next level with its onboard Power Failure Management Plus (PFM+) feature while providing the industry-leading performance the Vector series is known for. The Vector 180 line will be offered in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and a new 960GB model demanded by today’s power users who want more of their data and media available to them at solid-state storage speeds.


Radeon R7 Best of 2014 KitGuru Award


OCZ Rings in the New Year with a Best of 2014 Award from KitGuru

Not only has KitGuru been testing the endurance of OCZ SSDs, interviewing our Sr. VP of Global Engineering, but they are also bestowing ‘best of the year’ honors. Their choice for their favorite value SSD? The Radeon R7 240GB Series, manufactured by OCZ in conjunction with AMD. The Radeon R7 series was designed to provide ultimate value and performance to gamers and empower them to taking their gaming to the next level.

KitGuru Annual Awards 2014



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