Wishing for a WHITE HS-260? Func makes your wish come true!

Func adds new version of the popular HS-260 to the range

Func HS-260, now available in WHITE!

December 15th, 2014. Func is excited to announce an additional version of the popular Func HS-260 analogue stereo headset. 

The extremely popular Func HS-260 analogue stereo headset is now being offered with a white edition due to customer demand. The Func HS-260 White Edition continues to feature the same comfortable design, extremely accurate sound image and added features of the removable microphone / detachable cord solution to ensure you have a well-rounded, multi-functional gaming headset.

The MSRP for the Func HS-260 White is $79.95 USD / €69,95

For more information, visit the HS-260 product page at www.func.net


About Func

Func was founded 1999 by a group of gamers and is one of the oldest gaming brands on the market. When Func released the first products, it hit the market in a spectacular way. The double-sided Func Surface 1030 won awards from nearly every major site and magazine in the industry.

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