Xigmatek Spirit M Mini-Tower Chassis Review @ Tweaktown

Xigmatek Spirit M Mini-Tower Chassis Review

NEW CONTENT (Cases, Cooling & PSU) – Xigmatek Spirit M Mini-Tower Chassis Review

QUOTE:“Today Chad checks out a new mini-tower computer case from Xigmatek, the Spirit M. We were quite surprised by what you get for the solid price.”

You may or may not have seen the original Spirit chassis from Xigmatek, and we are sorry to say that we did not receive one for review. The original Xigmatek Spirit chassis was a stealthy looking mid-tower chassis, and for its time, it was very well-appointed, and offered plenty of room for all of your gear. However, something must have prompted Xigmatek to have another go at this design, because that is exactly what they have done. Xigamatek’s second attempt at the Spirit keeps some of the styling from the original to make it easily recognizable, but the new design aims to be more compact.
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