Zhiyun Evolves Your GoPro Movies at CeBIT 2018

Zhiyun Evolves Your GoPro Movies at CeBIT 2018


New EVO2 brings true sports performance to outdoor action cameras


June 11 2018, Shenzhen, China – Zhiyun, the world’s leading manufacturer of phone and camera stabilizers, is pleased to announce the launch of its rugged EVO2 at CeBIT 2018 from June 11 to 15 in Hannover Exhibition Grounds. The EVO2 introduces next level performance for outdoor action cameras thanks to its class-leading 7th generation Instune engine. With its incredibly precise control, with an angle control precision of 0.01° it is the only option for precise control for action cameras. The EVO2 also features direct control for GoPro cameras making the EVO2 very easy to pick up and use, without prior knowledge of stabilizers. The EVO2 uses powerful onboard batteries that last 12 hours on a single charge and thanks to its splash and dust resistance, can charge your GoPro on the go. Setup is quick and easy, with the intuitive cover design, you snap your GoPro in place with a single click.

Get a first-hand experience of the EVO2 at CeBIT 2018: Hall 11 Booth B46-22

Step up your game – Beast Mode

Beast Mode lets you go all out and find the limits of the human, with the push of a button, Beast mode allows the motors in the EVO2 to work at full power and enables full-speed following, for amazingly fast scenes. Likewise, the slow-motion mode benefits immensely from the EVO2’s stability giving you perfectly stable 1080p footage @240fps. Additionally, the new POV mode has increased roll axis movement up to 45°, its dedicated APP – ZY Play allows for very intuitive controls.

Film anywhere, anytime

The EVO2 has completely reworked to deliver a comfortable grip and hold, no matter the circumstances. The EVO2 is constructed out of ultra-lightweight composite materials to reduce its weight while the handle features a non-sleep, sweat-proof surface for maximum comfort and grip. Additionally, a toughened wrist-strap will ensure that even in a worst-case scenario, you’ll not easily drop your EVO2 and GoPro. In the case the EVO2 does drop, the harness protects the camera from additional damage while high-grade rubber rings protect the axes from any shock damage. The EVO2 will be available in black, white, and ‘cool gray.’

Go from action footage to cinematography

The EVO2 is much more than a stabilizer, thanks to its advanced integrated controls and ZY Play app. For those adventurers taking their GoPro out for camping trips, the EVO2 can be set up to monitor the environment, providing you safety. Additionally, the EVO2 supports various types of time-lapse settings allowing you to shoot, for instance, motion time-lapse and hyper time-lapse movies, greatly extending the qualities of your video content.


ZHIYUN TECH is a pioneer and world leader in gimbals and stabilizers for professional filmmakers, your personal videos, and everything in between. Zhiyun’s innovative solutions and dedication to delivering products that go beyond customer’s expectations strengthen the belief that everyone can be an excellent filmmaker. Learn more about Zhiyun Tech at www.zhiyun-tech.com or check us out on Facebook: @ZhiyunGlobal or follow us on Instagram: @zhiyun_tech
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