ZOTAC November Newsletter


Virtual Reality on the Road

With the 10 Year Anniversary celebrations behind us, it was time to hit the road again with the hottest systems of the year. We were at the first ever Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) with the MAGNUS EN1070 and EN1080. Delivering new content like never before, our compact VR devices ran the newest titles without breaking a sweat.

We can say, without a doubt, that we are already looking at the future of VR hardware, and MAGNUS is in the thick of it.

ZOTAC 10 Year Anniversary Events

In our month of celebrations, we gave away lots of cool prizes including ZOTAC graphics cards and Mini PCs. Many lucky winners took home shiny prizes to add to their arsenal of gaming goods. Remember to checkout our Facebook and your email to find out if you are a lucky winner!


What good is immersion when wires conspire to restrain you? True immersion can only come with true freedom, and we are bringing you both with the unprecedented ZOTAC VR GO. Move, wave, dance and jump to your will as the VR GO moves with you as one. 

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BlizzCon 2016 is officially over, and Blizzard has revealed a lot of new stuff for Hearthstone & Heroes of the Storm. Now it’s time to take a closer look at how players needed to adjust in order to play on a top level.

With a new Hearthstone expansion set announced for early December, players needed to gradually prepare for the upcoming meta changes. However, they still took -remaining tournaments very seriously. In Europe, one of the earliest ZOTAC Hearthstone Cup veterans, “Chacruna”, was able to secure his 3rd ZOTAC Cup win which tied him with the 1st place in Hall of Fame list along with “Thijs”. In North America, the last Cup of the year was won by the American player, “nexusrage”.

On the Heroes of the Strom front, November was a landslide victory for “Two Bees Determined”. Not only were they able to secure a win in the rescheduled October Monthly Final on November 17th, they’ve also snatched victories of the November Monthly Final and even two ZOTAC Heroes of the Storm Weekly Cups. This was by far the most dominated month by any teams in the history of ZOTAC HotS Cup. With the newly introduced Heroes from BlizzCon, it will be interesting to see if they can claim the throne in December once again. If you missed the last two Monthly Finals you can check out Khaldor`s YouTube Channel for the most recent VoDs.

With the new platform announcement we wanted to remind every ZOTAC player to sign up on the new platform in order make sure that everyone can secure their favorite nickname. For more upcoming information, check out the ZOTAC Facebook page.



  • EU-Cup #90: going (Russia)
  • EU-Cup #91: Chacruna (Denmark)
  • NA-Cup #80: nexusrage (USA)
  • SEA-Cup #32: gcttirth (Thailand)

Heroes of the Storm

  • EU-Cup #66: Two bees Determined  (Europe)
  • EU-Cup #67: The Jabronis  (Europe)
  • EU-Cup #68: Two Bees Determined (Europe)
  • EU-Cup October Monthly Final: Two Bees Determined (Europe)
  • EU-Cup November Monthly Final: Two Bees Determined (Europe)



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