ZOTAC November Newsletter

New Product Release

Behold the pinnacle of gaming – The ZOTAC NEN Steam Machine is here in style! Heftily equipped with a 6th gen Intel Skylake CPU and the specifically designed NVIDIA GTX 960 to bring power to the your hands, the NEN Steam Machine lets you play Steam games, chat with friends and go online all at your comfortable couch.


We have upgraded! Our new website has gotten a facelift and is now looking brighter than ever. Are you enjoying the new look of our website? Let us know! Right now, we are hosting a campaign for you fans to look at our website.

Click here to head to the contest right now to find out how you can win 1 of 8 fabulous Mini PCs!


With the release of Cho’Gall, Heroes of the Storm reached a new milestone in MOBA history. The first ever two-player hero for MOBA was introduced alongside the new battlefield“Towers of Doom”.  ZOTAC Heroes of the Storm Cup was stacked with high profile teams this November, and they all have the chance to prove themselves in the ZOTAC Heroes Monthly Final, which will take place on December 4th. Check out heroes.zotac-cup.com for streams and more details.



  • EU Cup #66: dj666 (Spain)
  • EU Cup #67: DanieloV (Denmark)
  • NA Cup #67: Pokemondanny (Canada)
  • NA Cup #68: cross7224 (Japan)
  • SEA Cup #19: Keyo (USA)
  • SEA Cup #20: civila (Japan)

Heroes of the Storm:

  • Monthly Final October: Team Spartanien (Germany)
  • Cup #28: Virtus.pro (Russia)
  • Cup #29: Team Spartanien (Germany)
  • Cup #30: Goofers (Europe)


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