10 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When Gambling Online

People have turned to many new pursuits to try and stave off the boredom during the lockdown. If you’re unable to work, it can be incredibly stressful and finding things you enjoy is essential. Playing games at an online casino works for a lot of people, but it’s important that you stay safe when gambling online. So here are ten great ways that you ensure it is a positive experience.

Gamble at Reputable Casinos

It is very easy to set up a fake casino, so you need to be sure that you are playing at a well-known site. Either that you have heard of or that you can check the site credentials for. These are usually found in the bottom footer of every page. The casino should display its registration status with the country in which it resides and also offer a number that you can verify if you are concerned. There are so many big names; it’s really easy to find a reputable place to play.


Use Reputable Banking Wallets

There are lots of ways to add money to your casino account, and this includes direct transfers from your bank. However, it can be safer to add an extra layer like PayPal in order to transfer and collect money. Cryptocurrency is also becoming a popular way to gamble, and this is most secure as it is a peer-to-peer blockchain system that has even more security than standard currency transactions on the Internet.


Use Site Tools

Most Internet gambling sites should have some self-restricting tools available. When you are checking the credentials, make sure they are also a member of one of the significant gambling addiction crisis websites like Gamstop, for example. The tools they have on offer will enable you to restrict yourself to limited hours using the self-exclusion facility. It can be very easy to get caught up and spend money you don’t really have trying to win back what you have already lost.


Password Protection

If the device or computer you use to access online casinos is available to other members of the family, you should password protect the account. Children can easily think that they are just playing a normal game, not realising that they’re actually spending your money when they get access to the casino account. You would also be blocked if the site discovered someone under 18 was playing.


Set Limits

It is a good idea to set yourself a spending amount that you can comfortably afford. You should never use money that is needed for essential bills, no matter how tempting it is. Sadly, this can only end in disaster and can be the beginning of gambling addiction.


Customer Service

Be sure to have a look and see what kind of customer service the site offers. Reputable casinos will make it as easy as possible for customers to contact them if there is a problem. You should be able to find web chat, telephone numbers, email addresses and more. If you are having trouble finding these, it suggests the site may not be as well run as you think. A lot of big sites also have large databases or frequently asked questions, and this is perfectly acceptable as they are trying to ensure you have access to as much information as possible.


Walk Away

If you are concerned that you are spending too much time gambling or worried you may become addicted, try the walk-away test. Decide not to spend any time on the casino sites for at least 48 hours. See how easy that is because if you are struggling and keep going back to the computer, it is a definite sign that you are becoming addicted.


Be aware of phishing scams; this is when a cybercriminal sends out an email that looks legitimate and seems to come from a casino, perhaps the one you use. If you are at all concerned, never follow any links inside an email and always go directly to the website using your browser and log in from there. Again, customer services are on hand so ask them if you are unsure whether the communication is real or not.



If you are having a bad day and not winning any games, the best thing you can do is stop. As tempting as it can be to convince yourself that the next spin or gain will be the winning one, it may not happen, and instead, you are spending more and more money-losing.


Secure Storage

Make sure the site that you gamble with offers information about secure storage and how they protect your personal information. The good thing about using PayPal or other electronic wallets is that the site does not have your name and address details stored alongside your bank information.