3 Life Lessons Learned from The Sims

The Sims has been around for over two decades now, and this popular simulation video game franchise shows no sign of stopping. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Sims game, the concept is amazingly simple: you simulate real life. You create your own characters, buy, or build them a house, have your characters find a job, have children and so on. In fact, you can learn a lot of life lessons by playing this brilliant game. Here is a list of some of our favorite life lessons we learnt from playing The Sims:

1.     Practice Makes Perfect

Like with anything in life, practice makes perfect. And unless you have the ability to enable Sim cheat codes in real life, then there is no way you will achieve your dreams of becoming a lead guitarist without a lot of practice. The same thing applies to drawing, cooking, or becoming a master technician. Sure, it might only take a couple of minutes for your Sim to gain their first skill point, but from that point on, it takes longer to attain more points.

The same can be said in real-life. We only achieve things if we put in the work. If you keep trying, you will eventually achieve your goals.

2.     Stay Afloat

In The Sims, players are taught to manage their money correctly. Sims can survive in small households, as long as they have a steady job and are careful with their money. However, neglecting to pay the bills can end up with a repo-man coming to take your belongings.

This is the same in real life. As long as you only buy items that you can afford, you save money where you can e.g. on your home and business water rates, and you pay your bills on time, you won’t end up losing everything you’ve worked hard for.

3.     Stay in Touch with Friends

Socializing is an important part of The Sims gameplay, and you cannot progress in many career paths without a certain number of friends. However, beyond that, your Sims will often feel sad or become depressed if they do not spend time with their friends or at least have a chat with them on the phone occasionally.

Where this is different from real-life is that during the game you will be prompted when your relationship levels are starting to drop. This will not happen in real-life. Instead, you may find yourself drifting apart from your friends if you forget to stay in touch. The Sims game teaches us that we need to make a bigger effort to stay in touch with our friends, no matter whether that is by text, email or in person.

We have all spent time playing The Sims, and even if you haven’t, there is a good chance you will know someone that has played it. The Sims marked a huge change in how simulation life games were created. It taught us how to design a home, it taught us to try new foods, it taught us that practice makes perfect and it also taught us several other life lessons. If you have never played The Sims, then now might be the time to check it out.