4 Tips to Boost the Productivity of Your Macbook


Working with a Macbook is a much different experience from using a PC at the office. After all, Apple has made a name for itself by providing technology that’s built specifically for work. Sure enough, this is demonstrated through the brand’s line of mobile devices.

As a powerful tool for enhancing office productivity, the Macbook is a must-have whether you are a business owner doing taxes or a college student with tons of papers to submit. It has all the best features on the surface, but there’s actually more that your Macbook can give in terms of getting more done in a single day.

With that said, here are a few important tips for making the most out of your Macbook.


Previewing files quickly

In a Macbook’s Finder, you can single click a file and hit the spacebar for an instant preview of the file. This saves you a lot of time finding certain documents, videos, or music among countless files you have stored, but that’s not the best part. After hitting the spacebar, you can see the previews of other files by pressing the up and down arrow keys.


Writing down notes through keyboard dictation

Do you have ideas you want to write down while you’re working on something else? While multi-tasking doesn’t actually exist, you can still save a lot of time and energy if you let your Macbook write down your thoughts as you say them out loud. Through the keyboard dictation feature, you can turn your speech into text. To access this feature, simply go to Keyboard under System Preferences and turn on Enable Dictation. If you want to start dictating, simply open any word processing app, place the text cursor on the area you want the text to start, and press the Fn key twice. Be sure to calibrate your microphone so that your Macbook is able to write down your speech more accurately.


Personalize your cursor

The cursor may be too inconsequential for people to care about. Surprisingly, the cursor is a big factor for improving productivity. Aside from knowing what to do when the cursor disappears, Mac users can also personalize the cursor for better accessibility. It’s only a matter of going to System Preferences and clicking Cursor. You will then see options that let you change the size of the cursor or help you locate where the cursor is by moving the mouse or dragging your finger rapidly on the trackpad.


Using Spotlight to search the web instantly

Whether you are writing a blog or a press release for promoting your business, you need to do a bit of research on the side. And while you can always use the split screen feature to search for information as you write your draft, an easier way would be to press Command and Space simultaneously to access the Spotlight feature. Through Spotlight, you can type your queries on a search bar and get the results you need from the web.

There is a lot more you can do with your Macbook, so keep exploring and see what other tips you can find that will double your productivity!