4 Ways Technology Has Positively Impacted Same-sex Couples

The digital age is upon us, and technology is advancing at an astonishing rate. How has the evolution of tech and gadgets improved the lives of same-sex couples?

Modern chats to quick connection

The way we communicate has certainly altered significantly in the last decade or so. With the emphasis now on remote relations rather than the old-school meet in person, same-sex couples can meet online. The modern way of interacting has transformed the way we connect. It is faster, even instant at times. No longer must we wait and endure the slow build to wait and see if we are compatible. With a few clicks and typed words or even just by browsing a profile, we can check for ourselves. We have the ability to scan individual taste, shared interests, and, most importantly…sexual orientation before even making a move. There was a time when any hot lesbian chat would have been confined to the bedroom not so long ago, hidden from the world. Thanks to modern technology and online dating services, it can be done with hundreds of available ladies from all around the world, and you can afford yourself the luxury of inviting the best one to share a night with you.

AI to find a suitable match

Thanks to technological advancements, personal connections got the chance to be more reliable and less reliant on chance, as dating apps have multiple filters to narrow down your choices and make viewing more specific to your needs. The introduction of algorithms on dating apps and websites has changed the way we search for partners and the speed at which we can find a match. This is particularly handy for same-sex couples who often have their time wasted by straight people barking up the wrong tree. The ability for lesbians to bypass all the men trying to cop off with them is such a relief. It won’t stop the typical guy from assuming you are a lesbian because you don’t fancy them, but it’s a start. 

Enhancing Safety for Lesbian Couples Online

One of the largest concerns with dealing with modern tech is safety (go and watch Black Mirror if you still haven’t understood the anxieties modernity brings to you). Everything has advanced so much that online interactions between people of all kinds of different sexual orientations can feel safe and secure. Lesbians couples, transgender daters, and gay men can all be comfortable in their own skin without the threat of prejudice, discrimination, or abuse. The way things are now segregated means that people with the same interests are not disturbed by those looking to cause trouble. They can be left to their own devices thanks to the algorithms, verification checks, and security. There will always be someone that slips the net, but luckily, that is now a rare occurrence, not a daily irritant. 

Technology opens more possibilities for same-sex couples

The seemingly limitless potential of technology has opened doors that were previously locked and bolted shut. Same-sex couples are now afforded the same opportunities as heterosexual couples, thanks to the introduction of filtering and algorithms. Sexual exploration has never been so open and diverse as it is now. The ability to scratch a sexual itch is there if you want it by looking for bi-sexuals for threesomes or group sex. Polyamory is another option, as is cuckolding amongst other fetishes that can be brought to life via online technology. Same-sex couples have the chance to turn fantasy into reality due to technological enhancement and more awareness in general amongst society. 

There is no doubt that technology has positively impacted same-sex couples. The chances are that with the way that technological prowess is expanding that it will continue on this inclusive path. Personal comfort online has dramatically improved through advanced security measures, slicker verification processes, and the introduction of superior algorithms to filter out the negativity and irrelevant.