4 Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Photography


Gone are the days when photography enthusiasts had to buy a separate camera to continue their hobby of clicking pictures. We live in a world that is dominated by technology, and today we have high-end smartphones with cameras that can give a competition to the DSLR cameras. We all know how to use our phone cameras, and we love it because it helps us save our favorite memories. But even if you are used to taking out your phone, setting it on auto and clicking the picture in seconds is not all you can do. If you use your phone camera the right way by focusing on features and aesthetics, you can click some really good pictures. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways in which you can improve your smartphone photography.


Adjust the Settings

The first thing you need to do is learn how you can adjust the focus and exposure of your phone camera. Phones know lets you adjust the focus of your pictures, so none of your friends in the background is captured blurred. Also, when you learn to control the exposure settings, you can decide how much light you are allowing in the picture. Just play around with the focus and exposure of your phone’s camera, and you will eventually find the right combinations on your own.


Use a Photo Editor

If you are thinking of uploading the picture on a website or your social media page, then before you upload it, you should transfer it to your laptop and put it through an editor once. And do not worry; I am not talking about using complicated software like Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Pro. You can use an editor like inPixo Photo Studio, which offers you a simple interface with various features including background eraser, auto image correction, object removal, and breathtaking effects. No picture is perfect, but just a little tweaking can make your pics look gorgeous.



Most of the phones now come with HDR technology, then why not put it to use? With the help of this mode, you can click pictures that are much more detailed. And more detail meaning better color balance and light exposure as well. The only annoying thing about HDR photos is that they take more time to process compared to normal pictures, but the result they provide is worth it. It works the best with the landscapes shot, especially when there are dark and light parts in your photo.


Click Pictures in Burst

Back in the day when you clicked a picture, you had to wait till it was developed to see the results. But now you can click as many clicks as possible and can choose the one that you like the best. Sometimes when you click a pic on your phone, it has a smudge spot, or your expression is not captured properly. That’s where the burst features come in handy. You can turn on the burst feature in the option and it will capture multiple images in one click