5 Best Health Gadgets To Make Every Student’s Life Easier


When you go to varsity, you enter a new phase of independence and part of this phase includes taking care of your health. With everything going on around you, it’s easy to neglect your wellbeing and fall ill.

Your studies take up the bulk of your time, but then you also want to have a social life and finding a balance between the two will determine whether you punish or nourish your body. Luckily, there are some cool tech toys available that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tyto home exam kit

The world has changed quite drastically over the last couple of months and with this change came new health issues. The Tyto home exam kit is an all-in-one self-examining kit that does it all.

You can do a health exam without leaving your home and when you get your results, you can pair the results with a teleconferencing app and get connected to a certified health care practitioner.

From there, you can get anything from prescriptions to health plans. This device is like having a GP in your room, fully kitted with all you need for quick and effective checkups.

Self-cleaning water bottle

When you are at college, there isn’t much time that you can spend on sterilizing bottles and cleaning them the way that they ought to be cleaned. The self-cleaning bottle form LARQ is powered by a UC-C LED light that has the power to purify your water in 60 seconds.

Not only does it purify your water, but it also cleans itself on the inside every two hours. This bottle is like having a purification system in your backpack. If you are one for the outdoors, it even has an adventure mode. Compared to other gadgets, this is one of the cheap gadgets for students.

Health-focused smartwatch

You get smartwatches that then you get ones that are built with health in mind. Withings recently released the ScanWatch, which is a hybrid health beast. The medical tech that is built into this watch is the next level.

It doesn’t just measure your heart rate, it also picks up heart irregularities and measures things like your blood oxygen saturation during sleep. It has a sleek design, so you don’t have to look like you are on the way to the gym all the time. When connected via Bluetooth to your phone, you can peruse all your health stats in the app.

Another thing that you need very often is health essays. There might be times when you don’t have money to pay but still need essay examples on health for academic work. In this case, try https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/health/. It offers absolutely free essay examples not only on health but almost every topic that you need as a student.

Teeth whitener

Image is everything when you are in college and unfortunately, when you have a couple of late and wild nights out, your teeth tell the tale. The GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device is a portable mouth hygienist in your pocket.

You don’t have to go for expensive dental treatments when you have this little gadget. You’ll save hundreds of dollars in maintaining that perfect smile. In only five days, you’ll be able to see a notable difference as your teeth will whiten by up to five shades.

Wireless Smart Glucometer

If you are one of the unlucky ones who have diabetes, then you will know what a mission it is to measure your blood glucose levels all the time. The Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System turns your phone into a virtual logbook of your health.

The design is sleek and easily pairs with any Apple device. You can share your results at any time with your doctor. The set comes with 10 testing strips, 10 lancets, control solution, a lancing device, and a carry bag – everything you need to keep track of your sugar levels.


Your studies are important, but your health is even more important. When you neglect your body and your health while you are in college, you’ll miss more than just a couple of classes. You could end up having to redo an entire year. These are just some of the available gadgets that take the stress and guesswork out and allow you to have a healthy life. You’ll have more time to focus on your friends and your studies while these toys remind you to stay on track with your health.

Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is an academic coach working with school and college students to help them overcome their issues, both personal and professionals, to allow them to boost their performance and achieve high grades. She’s also an avid academic writer and her main interest is in thesis and dissertations. In her free time, she plays tennis, reads books and practices mindfulness.