5 Finest Plagiarism Detection Tools

It is almost impossible to precisely say how many academic papers a student has to prepare during the entire study period. In some specialties, the count goes not even to tens but to hundreds. Twenty-five years ago, such tasks seemed like a simple formality, the observance of which took about 10 minutes. Suitable material was found on the Internet, downloaded, the name and surname on the title page were changed, and the work was handed over to the teacher. The game ended in 2000 when a mandatory plagiarism check of each scientific work was introduced worldwide. From that moment on, the students had to write responsibly, and the teachers had to check every academic paper seriously.

Nowadays, it is considered highly intolerable to copy someone else’s analytical abstracts into your paper. Teachers and professors take plagiarism very seriously. It led to the appearance of two types of services: those that offer plagiarism-free papers and those that check the works for plagiarism. And yet, the first ones remain popular; more and more people are trying to prepare for their school and college assignments themselves. And these people need to make sure that they are using first-rate plagiarism checkers prior to submitting their papers.

5 Finest Plagiarism Detectors

  1. Copyleaks

This tool is an outstanding service to check for academic and business plagiarism online. It detects copies of the content throughout the Web. Copyleaks’ highly developed search engine scans more than sixty trillion databases and web pages. In addition, the checker supports many file formats (HTML, txt, pdf, doc, etc.) in any language.

  1. Plagiarisma

This plagiarism detector works on Android, Windows, Moodle, BlackBerry, and Web. It finds copyright infringement in your research papers, essays, coursework, and even dissertation. It supports Yahoo, Google, Scholar, Bing, and Books. The tool supports more than 190 languages. The students can check their text by file upload, URL, or Online. All one needs to do is type or copy and paste the text, upload a file from the computer, or provide a URL. Plagiarisma supports doc, docx, txt, HTML, pdf, xls, xlsx, ods, RTF, fb2, epub, and PDB files. Yes, it has a limit of checks per day.

  1. Grammarly

This tool is not just a plagiarism checker but also an automated proofreader. Grammarly will ensure everything you write is mistake-free, easy to read, and effective. Its plagiarism detector scans sixteen billion ProQuest’s databases and web pages. Previously published elsewhere passages or sections are highlighted, and you can efficiently rewrite them. Besides that, you will get advanced feedback on sentence structure, word choice, conciseness, and clarity.

  1. PlagScan

It is effortless to use this plagiarism detector: you simply upload the document from your cloud, computer or copy and paste the text. PlagScan will keep your original formatting, and the document will not be copied or shared with anyone. In addition, it will compare your text to more than twenty thousand scientific journals, billions of online sources, and your other documents. Any potential plagiarism, citations, and plagiarized text will be highlighted, and all the sources will be displayed and easily accessible.

  1. Viper

With the accurate scanning process and easy-to-use interface, it will take just three small steps for this plagiarism detector to review your text for plagiarism and generate a detailed report. You can imply the document using an online app and submit it for plagiarism check against ten billion journals, essays, and many other sources on the Web. After using Viper, you will receive a concise and clear plagiarism report highlighting where your text matches other existing content.

And which plagiarism checkers do you use?