5 Fun Gadgets For Sport Fans

The summer months are just around the corner, the rainy May of 2021 has just passed, and it’s time to get outside and embrace the sports fan in you. No matter what sport you enjoy, there’s a gadget out there to suit you. If you’re trying to find some inspiration for summer pastimes, here’s a list of five sports fan-worthy gadgets. 

Golf Radar System

To start us off, here’s one for the lousy golfers out there who can’t seem to keep the ball on the green. These GPS golf balls link up to a tracking device and beep faster the closer you get. Play your game as normal and the next time your ball strays off into the rough, all you have to do is track it down or buy another one; no more time wasted searching aimlessly. These unique golf balls will set you back a heavy $330 but you’ll be swinging like the masters in no time. 

Nike + Sport Band

If you enjoy getting out there and being active yourself, then this entry is perfect. The Nike + Sport Band will track everything including calories, heart rate, pace, and steps. Further, it integrates perfectly with Apple systems to bring you music on the go. To bag one of these you’re looking at spending around $300-$400, but when it comes to Apple and Nike, that’s fairly standard. 

SKIGYM Simulator

For the skiing enthusiasts out there, this high sophisticated training instrument will be perfect for you. Made in Germany, this patented technology will train you to apply and release pressure, tilt for turning just as you would in real life. With this pricey skiing simulator, you can break your body from the safety of your own home. 

Distance Measuring Football

For those who like to throw the ball and want to up their game, this one is for you. Virtual distance football has a basic premise: you throw the ball and then read the screen to see how far it traveled. It works by detecting when the ball takes flight and again when the flight is broken. This one won’t break your bank as it will only set you back around $20. Even though the football is marketed as a toy, don’t let that fool you in terms of its practicality. 

Mini Paintball Tank

Who doesn’t love tanks, paintballing, and the final game of Takeshi’s Castle with the water guns? With the Funtrak Mini Paintball Tank, you can squeeze into a single-occupancy tank and blast paintballs from the cannon. These tanks cost a staggering but unsurprising $12,700, take around 3 months to make, but are fully tailored to specifications put forwards by you. 

These gadgets don’t provide anything new to the sporting world, but they make the perfect partner in crime to any sports fan. There’s is something out there for everyone, all you have to do is carry out some further reading. Whatever you end up doing, remember to have fun with it.