5 Important Steps To Develop A Video Game From Scratch

There are several important steps to develop a video game from scratch. According to recent data, the COVID-19 pandemic has ignited a period of growth in the industry. Recently, major tech giants have published record growth values for their revenue streams. Simultaneously, the console sector alone made over $45 billion in 2020. With such immense growth, many individuals are looking to break into the video game development sector. As a developer getting started, you need to know how to build your game from scratch. This way, you can create a fun entertainment platform as consumers recover from the pandemic. Read on discover the most important steps to develop a video game from scratch.

Conceptualize Your Game

First, you need conceptualize your game as you look to build your platform from scratch. During this stage, you should find inspiration from media that inspires you. For example, you might turn to books, comics, or TV shows to brainstorm ideas. Alternatively, you can also think about characters and settings that would make fun game situations. Once you have a few different ideas, think about what their different appeals are. You can ask yourself if people would play the game for action, story, or humor. Of course, you should also look to make your game idea different from what’s already out there. When you have a project you want to work on, create a game concept document. Here, you should note the story of the game and your players’ objectives. Absolutely, conceptualize your game as you look to develop a platform from scratch.

Gather Hardware And Software Tools

Next, you should gather the hardware and software tools you need to develop your video game. For example, you may need a faster CPU to speed up rendering times in your system. Many game developers also use a graphics card when working with powerful 3D engines to free up more processing power. When gathering your software resources, you can also install a game engine to streamline the development process. Many developers also use GUI libraries to create debuggers and game editors. For example, you can use dear Imgui for 3D game development in C++. With this library, you can access widgets such as windows, labels, and input boxes. Definitely, gather your hardware and software tools to streamline the game development process.

Learn Game Programming Languages

Now, you are ready to learn the top high-level programming languages for video game development. There are lots of different frameworks you can learn. Currently, some of the most popular languages are C, Java, and Javascript for web-based games. If you want to build applications for iOS or Android smartphones, consider learning OS-specific languages like Kotlin and Swift as well. Indeed, learning coding languages is a key step to build a powerful video game from scratch. 

Start Building

At this point, it is time to start building your video game application. Before you get started, make sure all your advanced technology and supporting resources are operating properly. For more lightweight mobile games, you may not need too much advanced hardware. Console games, on the other hand, typically require several additional programming solutions to function properly. Once you reach this point, it is time to start scripting the code for your custom game. Clearly, start building to effectively develop your custom video game from scratch.

Test Your Game

Once you are done building, you can officially start testing your game. You need to make sure your video game is free of any bugs, glitches, defects, or errors. Of course, you need to test user engagement, usability, and the functionality of your gaming application. This can typically be achieved with beta regression, performance, and integration testing. Afterwards, move on into non-functional testing procedures. This involves basic inspections like compliance, localization, security, and vulnerability testing. Definitely, test your game to build a video game application from scratch. 

There are several steps to build a powerful video game from scratch. First off, conceptualize how your game will look, feel, and function like. Then, gather the tools, resources, and technologies needed to build your application. Afterwards, learn the best programming languages for video game development. Once you have done so, you can officially start building your video game application. Now, you are ready to start testing your video game solution. Follow the points highlighted above to discover the most important steps to develop a video game from scratch.