5 Must-Have Devices to Study Effectively During Self-Isolation


Due to COVID-19, more than 80% of learners have been affected globally. Educational institutions are opting for online teaching and learning.

Fortunately, with technology, the learners have continued with their studies. The parents are also doing what they can to ensure students continue learning even during self-isolation. Studying in seclusion gives a chance to many to learn new skills and even undertake the exams online.

Students who want to study effectively need some essential devices to facilitate them. The top 5 gadgets that are effective for studying are:


The laptop is one of the top devices that enable offline and online learning to take place. The students take and save notes on the computer that can be referred to later.

The machines also have peripheral ports that allow students to connect with other gadgets. This gives the students the power and speed needed to stimulate learning experience when studying in isolation.

Apart from online learning, students can access information right at home. When connected to the internet, students can access educational apps and websites for content and even getting the opportunity to learn new skills.


Smartphones present a lot of opportunities when studying during isolation. The student can get in touch with the rest of the world by having this essential portable device.

Connecting with teachers and classmates is made more accessible, even without internet connectivity. The students can get answers from tutors right in the comfort of their homes.

The students can install educational apps that can help in conducting online classes and group discussions. Some of them come with s-pen that allows students to take notes effectively using the device.

Besides, access to online content and essay service in Australia becomes easy, with online dictionary further making studying in self-isolation effective. EduBirdie is one of the best resources for getting thesis, term papers, dissertation and term papers done so it’s one of the most important portals to use on your smartphone.

Flash drive

Students are now completing their assignments at home, and a flash drive is a valuable tool to save the same for submission later or through email.

Besides, the flash drive can be personalized to copy applications and preferences from personal computers. This allows the student to use any computer at home while running on their preferred browser, utilities, and settings.

They keep the information intact for a long time. The USB flash allows learners to learn offline as the stored data can be loaded on a computer anytime, anywhere. Further, this is one of the recommended gadgets for schools.

Noise-canceling headphones

At home, it can be hard to get an appropriate study environment, especially with everyone around. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones does the trick as any room at home can turn the quietest to allow the students to concentrate.

The devices can also be used to listen to audiobooks without any distractions from family members at home during the isolation period. Besides, the student can conduct online classes and tune in and focus when they need to. One should buy those with integrated mics for superior audio clarity during online lessons.

Switchable keyboard

Some students have different devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and they keep switching from one to another while studying.

In such a case, the switchable keyboard is a valuable device as it allows students to use it on all the devices. Those that are wireless are the most ideal as students can work at the comfort of their couch.

To make the most out of it, the students should look for full-sized keyboards with numeric keypad for full functionality and comfort. Those that are powered through USB port or batteries provide more convenience without adding the cost.

The device can as well be used to type comfortably, unlike when using the touch screen on a phone and tablet that can be straining when taking notes.

Final Thought

Studying from home is not easy since the majority of students attend physical classes during their schooling. However, with coronavirus that has changed how things are done and many are forced to study in isolation. For it to be effective, students should purchase the devices explained above to help them in their learning.

The switchable keyboard is ideal for students with various devices for convenient switching between them with comfort in typing. The noise-canceling headphones should not be left out as the home environment can be noisy, especially when everyone is self-isolating at home.


Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle works as a blogger for an Australian student career and jobs website. She also works part-time for an assignment writing service as the lead writer and editor and manages theses and dissertations. In her free time, she works on her travel blog, listens to classical music and attends yoga classes.