5 Tips For Packing & Shipping Your Technology When Moving To The UK

Depending on your line of work, hobbies, and budget, you may have paid thousands for all your technology at home or at the office. Which probably means you are willing to do everything in your power to protect your investment. One particularly vulnerable scenario that may require some additional effort in keeping your technology safe is while travelling or when moving homes. If you do not wish or cannot afford to leave your precious high-tech devices behind during a long-distance relocation, follow the next tips.

1.   Get The Technology Ready For The Big Move

Before you are ready to get started with the packing and shipping procedure, snap a few clear photos of the back of your PC tower and monitor prior to disassembling it. This should help you easily put everything together in no time at the new address.

Clean the computer and monitor and be sure to use the recommended special cleaning solutions to keep your devices safe. Making sure the computer is shut down, unplug the cords and place them in zipped bags, then wrap the monitor and tower using bubble wrap. Make sure the bubble wrap is non-static.

In case you own two or more monitors for your gaming or work-from-home needs, decide if you want to keep and transfer all of them to the new location. Sell or donate the monitors or towers you no longer wish to use to simplify the logistics and save money.

2.  Use Original Packing Boxes For the Big Move


The beautiful Ninja PC case in the Midi-Tower format has an eye-catching smart design and it even features hardened side glass. It is an excellent purchase for any gamer passionate about PC case designs that truly stand out. While the hardened glass can deliver a certain level of protection against small forces and shocks, such a case will not usually successfully withstand a long-distance move to Great Britain. To do so, it needs to be topped by specialized packing supplies and top packing techniques used by pro movers.

Computers, in particular, can get easily damaged during transportation, whether by plane, train, bus, or car. Here is what you need to do to ensure safe travel for them as well:

  • Transfer the computer in its upright position in order to prevent potential damage during shipping
  • If at all possible, use the original packing for your monitor and tower
  • Opt for a sturdy packing box that is slightly larger than the size of your computer for packing if the original box is missing
  • Choose a TV box for the monitor and ensure the glass will not be sitting too close to the exterior edge of the packing box
  • Add cushioning and waded packing paper to the bottom of the boxes to fill any voids that are still left in the box
  • Use sturdy tape to seal the box and mark it “Fragile” in large and well visible writing
  • Using an arrow, mark which side of the box should face up.

3.   Secure The Graphics Card On Your Gaming Computer

If you need to pack and prepare a gaming computer or a custom-built PC for relocation to the UK, make sure you pay special attention to the graphics card. This card is not only incredibly sensitive and quite heavy, but it is also prone to suffer damage during transportation.

The best bet is to have the graphics card removed and packed independently. If this is not possible, try to open the case and use plenty of packing material to support the card. For best results, rely on expandable products that can effectively fill in all the empty spaces inside the case.

For water-cooler PCs, remember to first drain out all the fluids prior to initiating the packing procedure. This will help you prevent any leakage accidents during shipping.

4.   Hire Expert Luggage Delivery Services For Your UK Technology Moving Needs

To stay on the safe side, make sure your expensive TV sets, gaming PCs, laptops, tablets, or gaming consoles are shipped with the help of a professional luggage delivery service for Great Britain. This will not only guarantee their safe, damage-free arrival at the indicated address but it might also mean that your precious technology will be readily waiting for you before your arrival there. These services can provide incredibly fast and accurate shipping solutions at affordable prices, thus also saving you money on the final moving bill.

5.   Get The Rest Of Your Technology Ready For Moving

If you have any other electronics you would like to pack and transfer to your new home, make sure you use sturdy packing boxes and try to closely follow the packing instructions provided in the owner’s manuals. For example, a large TV screen may require the use of a dedicated packing box, if the original box is no longer available.

Remember to give each of your packed boxes a gentle shake to ensure none of the smaller components are able to move around inside the box.

Follow these easy steps or rely on an expert moving company that can also handle the packing for you for a stress-free move to the UK with all your technology by your side.