6 Best Apps for College Students

According to the research published by Statista, educational applications were the third most popular category in App Store as of August 2020. It’s no surprise that they are so beloved among people since they add much value to the learning process. Let’s see how apps can help you boost academic results and improve skills in more detail.

Many educational apps are designed to develop effective thinking and increase intelligence. You can analyze and compare facts, memorize complicated information, and master problem-solving skills by using apps. Also, game-like simulations may help you learn practical concepts and gain real-world skills. What’s more, some studies published in the International Journal of Educational Technology demonstrated that mobile applications have a great impact on motivation and learning behavior.

As you see, apps make the learning process more efficient. They can help you enhance literally any cognitive skill and even teach you foreign languages. All you need to become the best student in your language class is to find an app that offers clear grammar explanations, or just turn to Study Clerk, a service which provides help online and explains everything about assignment writing in foreign languages. However, there are many other options to keep up with the studies in different subjects, some of which are considered below. Have a look at the best apps for college students and pick something that meets your academic needs.



TED-ed is a platform that offers video content for students around the world. Its aim is to support learning and spark people’s curiosity about different subjects. By using the TED-ed app you can explore big ideas in the form of short animated videos. They can answer your questions in various areas, such as the history of arts, coding algorithms, environmental disasters, ancient myths, extraordinary biographies, and many more. This application is a must for students who want to expand their knowledge and discuss interesting concepts in the global student community.



Looking through your notes is not the most efficient way to memorize facts, it’s much better to interact with them. If you are wondering how you can do it, check Quizlet! This app allows creating flashcards and playing with them in different ways until you assimilate new knowledge. Quizlet is one of the best apps for assessment preparation as you can revise key concepts in the ‘test’ mode. In general, it helps to learn new information faster and easier.



Proper organization is a vital aspect of any education process. Hence, it’s essential to create your own management system for studying with the help of organization apps. The one which is worth your attention is Evernote. This mobile application helps users arrange their notes and keep them in one place. What’s more, it allows adding checklists, attachments, and even audio recordings to the notes. With the help of Evernote, you can keep everything streamlined in one place and have quick access to any learning material you need.



If you have a lot of writing assignments, then Grammarly is what you really need. This app can help you figure out whether you need to add a comma and point out spelling mistakes. Grammarly can improve the tone of your essay and enhance readability. In general, this tool can guarantee that you submit an error-free assignment and will get the highest grade for it. Besides, if you upgrade your Grammarly account, you can check your work for unintentional plagiarism and instantly create citations in any format.



Duolingo can help you become fluent in a foreign language. This learn-as-you-go app is a perfect tool for expanding your vocabulary and enhancing grammar. Its lessons are designed to develop different language skills, such as reading, listening, and writing. They also contain some grammar tips, notes about the most common mistakes, conjugation tables, and many sentence examples. The app offers practical exercises integrating multiple concepts, podcasts with stories from real-life speakers, and even information about local meet-ups with Duolingo fellows.



Coursera is a learning platform that partners with more than 200 leading universities from all over the world. You can get a certificate from Yale or Duke University after undergoing their course online at your own pace. The Coursera app offers affordable programs in different subjects, starting from Philosophy to Business Strategy. It allows you to take part in hands-on projects and gain valuable skills necessary for your future career.  What’s more, you can even get a degree using this app since some universities make their programs available on Coursera.



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Michael Stoddard is an academic writer and tech admirer. Apart from helping students with their assignments and college projects, Michael writes app reviews and news articles for tech blogs. He believes that mobile applications can make education easier and more enjoyable, so he is happy to recommend the best products to students.