6 Reasons Why the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair Costs $1,495

If you saw the price of the new Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming chair and immediately spat your coffee all over your screen, you probably aren’t alone. This new offering from gaming accessories brand Logitech and office chair experts Herman Miller certainly carries a premium price tag.

But once we start to look closer at the thoughtful, ergonomic design of this chair, the price starts to make more sense. After all, when we’re spending hours each day sitting in a chair, we want it to be properly supportive. Many gamers report back or neck issues after long sessions, mainly due to chairs that are not providing proper lumbar support or that don’t encourage good posture. 

So, what is it about the Embody Gaming Chair that makes it worth the price? Let’s talk through some of the reasons you might want to invest in one.

1. Science-Backed Ergonomics

Herman Miller is a well-known name in office furniture for good reason – their chairs are designed with the input of both medical doctors and people with PHDs in everything from biomechanics to physical therapy. And for the Embody Gaming Chair, Herman Miller also took Logitech’s gaming expertise into account in order to design a chair that meets the unique needs of gamers.

The result is a chair that offers fully adjustable lumbar support that can be tweaked to suit the unique curve of your own spine. Because gamers tend to sit further forward than someone who is typing at a computer, the Embody features extra padding so that it is supportive even when you are on the edge of your seat.

As well as great back support, the Embody offers the unusual feature of adaptable seat depth. Since the best position for your legs when sitting is bent at a roughly 90-degree angle, this makes the chair ergonomic for people of different heights.


2. Sweat-Fighting Technology

A long gaming session, especially one that is high in adrenaline, can end up getting a little hot and sweaty, especially where your back meets the chair. Fortunately, Herman Miller and Logitech have thought of this too. The chair is padded with a special cooling foam infused with copper particles. 


3. Grown-Up Design

Many dedicated gaming chairs have a flashy design, featuring bold colors, super-charged padding, and that popular racing bucket seat shape. If that is your bag, the Embody might not do it for you, but for those who like a subtler approach, its minimalist design certainly fits the bill. From the front, it looks like a regular office chair, although the back jazzes things up a bit with a pop of cyan and the exposed spinal support. It is more likely to blend into the rest of your home décor than many of the other gaming chairs on the market.


4. No Assembly Required!

Most gaming chairs arrive in several different pieces, meaning you need to spend several minutes – or hours – working out which bit goes where and whether you’ve put the armrests on backward. The Embody saves you from all that though by arriving in a larger than usual box, from which you can wheel it already fully assembled. That saves valuable time that is best spent gaming.


5. Not Just for Gaming

The original Embody chair has consistently received rave reviews for its cutting edge ergonomics. The Herman Miller Embody X retains most of those features, making it an excellent office chair as well.

Unlike many gaming chairs that offer only two back positions – upright or reclined– the Embody X has four different recline options. Depending on how much back movement you want, you can set it to a particular level so the backrest only rocks a certain amount. This is an incredible feature that you’ll typically only find on high end office chairs.

As mentioned earlier, the Embody X tries hard not to look too flashy either, unlike many gaming chairs that will fit right in at the circus. This means you can place the Embody X in your office without getting too many dirty stares.


6. A Chair for the Long-Term

When you are considering investing in a chair with this kind of price tag, you need the reassurance that it will last. Not only is the Embody made from quality materials, Herman Miller is also prepared to put its money where its mouth is, offering a fantastic 12-year warranty. Compared with most gaming chairs, which offer guarantees of just 2-3 years, the Embody is a true investment for the future. Yes, it might cost more up-front, but if it will last you more than a decade, that might well equal a saving in the long run.


So, is it worth the $1,495 price tag?

Not everyone will have the budget for the Embody Gaming Chair but for those who do, it is worth the investment. For comfort, support, and a lengthy warranty, that price begins to look pretty reasonable. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming chair is a commitment to your future mobility and health – and that’s worth paying a bit extra for.

You can buy the Embody X Here.

You can buy the original Embody chair on Amazon.