7 Best Hidden Android Spy Apps for Remote Monitoring

In the present day, the internet plays a vital role in reforming the minds of this generation and all its users and similarly, with an increase in users, there is an increase in hidden Android spy apps. This happens with the assistance of media platforms. 

People sitting from all corners of the world can interact and see each other. 

But what we fail to consider is its risks. Kids can be subjected to various harmful websites or other people with bad intentions. 

Not only that but vital information or data leaks can also happen through the internet.

What are spy apps for Android?

In simple words, spy apps generally mean software that is created to secretly or confidentially check someone’s messages, calls, or other information. 

Now, these are present in such a way that it gathers the information of a particular Android device that is sensitive or is of high value. 

These apps help in getting into people’s devices even without a password.

Are There Spy Apps for Android?

There are numerous spy apps for Android. 

To spy on a particular Android phone you just simply need to install a particular application on that targeted phone. 

All spy apps are hidden and work quietly so nobody can suspect.

7 Top Android Spy Apps in this year

Here are the 7 best Android spy apps this year.

1. Hoverwatch Android Spy App

Hoverwatch is a great Android spy app.

  • This has numerous features and is easily accessible. 
  • Hoverwatch free phone tracker app remains completely invisible and cannot be retracted. 
  • This can track every detail of the targeted device from contacts, gallery, messaging camera, to email and browser history.

Core Features:

Remains Completely InvisibleLocation Tracking
Social Media apps TrackingContact and Internet History Tracking
All messaging and call app TrackingMedia Gallery Track
Front Camera TrackingMonitor Calls

Prices: The basic version of this app for a single device costs 24.95 USD per month.

2. mSpy Spy App

The mSpy spy app is not only an Android spy app but it also works as a parental control app. Its features are mainly created to track kids’ activities. 

This mainly helps parents to monitor their kids.

Core Features:

Application Blocking and InstallationMonitor Calls
Browser History TrackingAlert System
Blocking SitesControl over Media Apps
Incoming Call RestrictionSocial Media apps Tracking

Prices: The basic version of this app is 29.99 USD per month.

3. FlexiSpy Monitoring App

This application is considered one of the best for desktop, iOS, and Android monitoring. 

  • FlexiSpy app provides numerous features that are non-trackable and advanced. 
  • The price of this spyware is on the higher side compared to the others.

Core Features:

Skype Call RecordingPhone Call recording/interception
Viber Call RecordingEnvironment recording
WhatsApp Call RecordingHangout Call Recording

Prices: The premium version of this application costs 69 USD per month.

4. iKeyMonitor Mobile Spyware

iKeyMonitor is one of the best-hidden apps for parental control. This helps to track kids’ mobiles and employee computers. This application monitors each detail of the targeted device and is undetectable.

Core Features:

Chat MonitoringCall Recording
Sets Limits and SchedulesGeo-Tracking System with device and location tracking.

Prices: iKeyMonitor has a free plan for beginners. The full version costs 28.32 USD per month for a single device. The full version has additional features that are more advanced than the core features.

5. MobiStealth Phone Monitor

MobiStealth Phone Monitor is the ultimate spy app for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. This app helps the user track every detail happening on the targeted device and runs on a special MobiStealth mode.

Core Features:

Call RecordingMessage and Email Tracking
Social Media App TrackingCamera Capture
Recording Phone Surrounding

Prices: The Pro version of this app costs 59.99 USD per month and the Pro-X version costs 69.99 USD per month. The Pro-X version provides added advanced features that are different from the core features.

6. XnSpy Mobile Spy App

XnSpy is considered one of the best spy apps for Android phones.

It has great features which make it extremely easy to work with.

It can cautiously be installed on any targeted smartphone without even leaving any trace. 

You can track all social media information and apps like call logs and the phone gallery.

Core Features:

Call Recorder TrackingMultimedia File Capturer
Contact Tracking24×7 Instant Alerts
SMS TrackingRemote Control Capture
IM Chat Log CapturerXnSpy Analytics
GPS Location TrackingWi-Fi Network Logs Tracking
Email TrackingKey Logging
IM Chats LoggerWhatsApp Chat Logging

Prices: The XnSpy Mobile Spy App has its first-month plan free and yearly it costs 4.93 USD per month.

7. CocoSpy Android Spyware

CocoSpy is another leading Android Spyware. It is mainly famous for parental control, remote tracking, and also surveillance. 

  • The app can be installed on any Android and even iOS device carefully and flawlessly. 
  • This Android spyware helps in monitoring location, call logs, browsing history, and even contacts.

Core Features:

Browser HistoryMedia Capture
SIM card LocationEmployee Activity Alert
Facebook MonitorParental Control

Prices: The iOS premium plan is 10.53 USD for one device and the Android premium plan is 9.72 USD.


There are numerous spy apps and each of them has distinctive features.

If you choose to buy such an app make sure to choose the one with the best feedback, the best features that are suitable for you and choose the app that has the best customer support.