7 Best Time Management Apps and Tools

It is almost impossible to survive in the modern world without good time management. This is even more impossible to do if you are a student. When you are a student, it is absolutely impossible to manage the time. A lot of homework, projects, and the desire to have fun take up all possible free time. There are only two ways out of this situation, the first is to master time management; the second is to delegate part of the homework to some useful apps and tools. Both are good separately and are perfect together. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best time management apps and tools for you.

TIME Planner

TIME Planner is a useful application for iOS devices with Russian language support. The program combines the functions of a task manager with reminders and a time control tool that allows you to analyze your performance over a certain period. The program is free, but there is also a PRO version with advanced features, which can be purchased from the App Store for $ 4.99.

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Roadmap is another useful time tracking software. If you want to strike a balance between monitoring a team of workmates and work schedule, then this application is for you. Effective time management is a Roadmap that allows you to track your activity. The app helps you see how the goals of the project match the resources and capabilities of your team and, accordingly, make adjustments.

With this time management program, you can compare work schedules, create custom reports, and see tasks in your complete portfolio of projects while coordinating work.


In Any.do, you can add tags, reminders, sub-tasks, and attachments to every task. The function of priorities will help you to concentrate on the main thing and not forget about the important tasks. And as a bonus, the lists can be shared with friends and colleagues and can be useful in planning joint projects.

It is worth noting the Focus option, which helps to further motivate the user. If it is enabled, and the person has not completed the task, the application will destroy the virtual tree. Another feature of Any.do is a shopping list that the app automatically categorizes.

In the paid version, you can create repetitive tasks, attach files of any size, use custom themes, colored tags, and labels, and create reminders tied to a specific location.

Google Calendar

It might seem like everyone is using it, but I was surprised to learn that many still ignore it. Therefore, I included it in this list. So, if you still do not use this service from Google, then it’s worth starting, and here’s why. Firstly, it is very convenient to carry out long-term planning of affairs in it, even as far as months ahead. Secondly, you will never forget important appointments and affairs, as the Calendar will send you SMS notifications in advance. And also, like any Google product, Calendar is synchronized with all services. You can also create shared calendars, which is great for team planning.


This is a great service that tracks where you spend your time on the computer. RescueTime keeps track of which sites the user is on, reminds the user of work, and sends out a weekly report. The graphical report shows where the time was spent and whether it is worth changing your habits to increase productivity.


A digital planner that allows you to prioritize tasks and break a large task into a series of sub-tasks. At first, it seems like a small thing, but in fact, it helps to overcome procrastination. As you know, the brain does not like to strain and is afraid of big, difficult tasks. And by breaking it down into several small sub-tasks, we are deceiving ourselves. The brain begins to evaluate the situation as a sequence of simple tasks that can be quickly and easily closed.

Features of Todoist:

  • Provides the ability to add a location without context

Say you need to travel to a location, but you still do not have a confirmed task there? Just fill in a reminder with the address and time, leaving the other fields blank.

  • Move start date without breaking the repeat cycle

Do you have a routine task that repeats every Wednesday, but this week you will be able to do it only on Friday? Just change the date of the nearest task, and the repeats will be displayed according to the old schedule.

You can attach a desired file to any task right in the program. This saves the number of switches, clicks and of course, allows you not to shift the focus of your attention.

  • Maximum flexibility

Set flexible deadlines for completing tasks: a specific day, every weekend, every N number, every weekend from 2 to 22, etc. It is convenient and saves you time when taking notes.

Set up your weekend and vacation – let your to-do list relax with you.

Summing up

Researchers define time management as “the process of effectively managing time to accomplish tasks.” The keyword here is “effective” – ​​often solving the same problem can take ten minutes or a day. It depends not only on proper time management, but also on concentration, external stimuli, and much more. So, take note of the apps on our list and master time management.