7 Features to Look for in The Best Gaming Phone

Whether you’re an expert mobile gamer or have just got into gaming, you need a handset that would let you perform well. To do this, you have to keep a couple of features in mind. We talked about them below.


Mobile games have become very graphic-extensive. Many have bright colors and sharp animations. Just take a look at Fortnite. The best phone would come with a display that lets you fully immerse in whatever game you’re playing. Its display should be large as well. The panel should also be vibrant.

Samsung’s S21 Ultra is a great option. A major reason for this is that it houses a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel – so the colors would pack a punch.

Its screen is 6.8 inches too, so there’s a large canvas for the Dynamic AMOLED to shine. And the game you’re playing would be pin-sharp, as its screen resolution is 1440 x 3200 pixels.

Having a large display and vibrant panel would let you immerse yourself in the game. Something that would also help is how much bezel action there is. The mobile’s screen-to-body ratio should be above 85%. The S21 Ultra has a whopping 89.8% ratio.


To help you game on the go, you’d need a big battery.

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel is a gaming phone that was released at the end of 2020, and it houses a 5,000 mAh unit. However, as one of techradar.com’s resident experts, Tom Bedford says the battery “… is high for a smartphone, although average for a gaming device”.

The best options would have units that are around 6,000 mAh and over. The ASUS ROG III fits the bill, housing a 6,000 mAh battery.

Speaking of batteries, we just have to talk about how long the devices would take to charge. When your phone dies, you shouldn’t have to wait hours to get back to your game. Luckily, even mediocre devices come with fast-charging. The feature has become an essential in the industry.

Memory & Storage

How much ROM should the handset have? If it doesn’t have much space, you won’t be able to install all the games you want. So, how much would be enough? 128 GB should be the minimum.

However, the more ROM you want to get, the more you’d have to spend. If you don’t have the budget for a 512 GB unit, remember that microSD slots exist. If the device has one, you’d be able to expand its 128 GB storage up to 256 GB.

RAM influences how smooth the gaming experience would be. Without a decent amount of it, apps won’t load fast. Having many apps running in the background would lead to force-closing. Thankfully, 3 gigs is enough to prevent this. Handsets that tend to be quite subpar come with this amount of memory too.


Being able to handle demanding games depends on the chipset present. Any flagship would come with a powerful processor. The OnePlus 6T from 2018 has the impressive Snapdragon 845 inside.

The feature that differentiates the best smartphones for gaming from the rest would be their ability to be overclocked. Andrew Perera, head writer at Phoneekak.lk says, “The ASUS ROG I houses the Snapdragon 845, but it was also speed-binned, so it can handle more than what the 845 processor would allow.”

As it can be over exerted, you might think that the ROG would overheat. However, the best gaming phones have cooling systems in them. The ROG has a thorough system of fans, and the Nubia Red Magic, which is a leading device for gamers has an air-cooling system that is also good.

User interface

To many users, the UI that a smartphone for gaming has is not important. Some User Interfaces tend to be thick, though. As a result, this causes their systems to slow down. We think the best device should have systems that are Stock Android or something very close to it.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is an excellent choice. What we like the most about it is its OxygenOS. It’s not as barebones as Stock Android, but it’s minimalistic enough to promise a more streamlined performance.

Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S12 Ultra again. The interface it runs is Samsung’s proprietary OneUI. It’s not barebones either. However, Samsung has not loaded it with bloatware or heavy themes. It looks quite good too.


Just like with the UI, the appearance of the device is not the most important aspect of a phone. However, we think it’s an added bonus.

Asus’ ROGs would catch your eye from across the room. The company designs them to be reminiscent of PCs.


You’ll probably be gaming for hours, which is why you need a handset that would be comfortable to hold. You can ensure this by looking at its edges. Are they sharp?

Its size also influences how comfortable it would be to grip. However, the larger the screen, the better you’ll be able to immerse yourself in whatever you’re playing.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum things up. When you’re looking for the ultimate gaming phone, you’ll be met with a plethora of different options. What differentiates the best from the rest would mainly be the processor, battery and display present. You need a powerful chipset that can handle intensive gaming. A large battery would be needed as well – this would allow you to play for hours.

The larger and brighter the display is, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your gaming experience.

Less important features would be the appearance of the device as well as how ergonomic it is. We think the best mobile for gaming shouldn’t have sharp edges, as playing for hours would not be possible. The size of the device influences this as well. However, if you have small hands, you’d have to compromise as a larger screen would let you dive into the application better.

Keep the above tips in mind when buying a gaming phone to make the right choice.