A Comparison Between ProtonVPN and Ivacy VPN  


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are more than 4,000 ransomware attacks worldwide every day. Protecting yourself on the web for your security and privacy requires that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). When your browser points to a site, a request is sent to the web host server and comes back with relevant content. Things are different when it comes to VPN usage.

There is an encrypted tunnel from your computer to a server created by the VPN whenever it is active. After this, your request typically goes into the global internet, returning through the VPN server via the encrypted tunnel. No one can block your web traffic in the practical sense since it goes from the computer on to the VPN server. 

Data stays encrypted throughout each stage, including when it exits the VPN server. When it comes to computer networking, VPN port forwarding redirects the incoming connections and increases the torrenting speed. Also, VPNs are especially crucial when utilizing unfamiliar networks or public Wi-Fi. In such scenarios, hackers could be skulking on the network, or managing the system themselves, waiting to collect your personal data.   


ProtonVPN vs. Ivacy

Want to know what some of the best VPN’s are? Turn to none other than thebestvpn for reviews and more information on the VPN you need. Ivacy and ProtonVPN are two very remarkable VPNs. In fact, when comparing them, you will see that they all have their own perks. When observed separately, the two have exceptional features, although their creators’ considerable efforts become apparent when viewed against each other. Their manufacturers concentrated on optimizing the quality of several distinct elements of their VPN services.

The comparison between the two helps you gauge the performance of both services in various departments. That way, you can decide on the one that matches your needs. For instance, when it comes to performance on a 75Mbps connection, the U.K. speeds for ProtonVPN range from 66-69 Mbps while Ivacy Speeds handle 66-68 Mbps. The difference is minimal in this example.



ProtonVPN, based in Switzerland, provides the service with an immediate privacy benefit over the majority of the competition. The country has compelling privacy laws that fall outside the E.U. and U.S. jurisdiction. When it comes to its logging policy, ProtonVPN is a VPN that stores no logs. It does not record or monitor your internet activity and cannot disclose your data to third parties. There is a virtually non-existent record of session logging. 

The VPN service only stores the timeline of the most recent successful login attempt. It is overwritten in your next login session. ProtonVPN links your account to an email address during your registration process. The ProtonVPN developers recommend utilizing ProtonMail if you would like to maintain your anonymity. Speaking of your privacy and anonymity, go to securicritic for more tips and tricks to stay private while browsing online.

Ivacy VPN also has a superior privacy policy that clarifies all its records. If you spent a lengthy period scrutinizing the small print on a VPN searching for clues on its privacy policy, you realize how difficult it is to have that data crammed into a few sentences. The Ivacy developers detail the policy’s intricacies, including the collection methods and the sort of personal data. 


Netflix Potential

A VPN service such as Windscribe has a premium streaming feature known as Windflix to help eliminate Netflix restrictions. In addition, the terms Windflix, port forwarding, torrenting, no logs policy and others are synonymous with this VPN. ProtonVPN demonstrates its abilities less on website unblocking and more on privacy. You can access the BBC iPlayer, and using the Plus option, the U.S. and U.K. Netflix can be accessed. However, the player may take up a considerable amount of time to play, forcing you to try again. Disney+ was unblocked by ProtonVPN, although the same performance issues were still prevalent. Nonetheless, there were no speed issues when playing Amazon Prime Video. 

According to VPNTesting.com, Ivacy can stream anything from any location. The apps have specific streaming functions meant to restore access to Netflix and other streaming platforms. Some VPNs find the BBC iPlayer quite a challenge, although Ivacy does not experience it. The streaming page lacks the Disney+ tile, which isn’t a surprise as it is a reasonably new worldwide service. 


The Verdict

ProtonVPN puts more focus on security with plans to suit your budget with speeds constant, although. The fact that its servers are in Switzerland means that privacy laws are quite solid. However, it has fewer servers and locations, as well. Ivacy has a lot of features that most users find useful, besides being very professional. Speeds are decent, with a lot of room for personalizing your experience. However, it experiences some hurdles when connecting to a few servers. With that in mind, you can be able to choose which service suits you best.