A Complete Review of Hitman 3

If you know about the series of Hitman which started about five years ago, you would know that there have not been any major changes when it came to changing or even reinventing the whole blueprint of the bald bloke in Hitman 3. The series which goes by the name of ‘The world of assassination’ started in the year 2016, and since then to now the user interface, controls and the interface in general have been constant in terms of the ways you can use your weapons, the various other items and in their stiffness as well. One of the major and most noteworthy changes that have been brought in Hitman 3 is the addition of a new toy which is a camera that can be used for the examination of the items and switches, and can also be used in order to hack these switches and items available. In the hindsight, which is handy, it is not exactly something that could be the game changer. Furthermore Hitman 3 is one of the best assassination games available right now.

We know for a fact that the Hitman 3 is actually really good in terms of the number of new assassination methods, the way the storytelling has improved and how much better it is as compared to its predecessors. Sure, there are times when Hitman 3 misses the mark as well, but this is why Hitman 3 is good. 

Is Hitman 3 worth the hype? 

If you are someone who is familiar with Hitman 2, then you would know that Hitman 3 is extremely similar to Hitman 2 in terms of the package. There are five exotic and beautiful locations where you will be having five sandbox missions and another additional mission which would be relatively smaller. It is all about exploring and takes more than seven hours from the very beginning to the end. Moreover, it takes more than twenty five hours to even achieve the Suit only badge and the silent assassin badges, on all of the six missions, and not to forget to mention the challenges that come with every location that would easily take another twenty five hours.

The storyline of Hitman 3.

Agent 47 is well known for his sharp and honed skill set, and for working his way through the huge array of dirty businesses the world has to offer. In Hitman 3, the end is definitely bloody and the interactive interfaces allow in creating a beautifully woven seamless experience of Hitman which is without any doubt, consistent right from the tutorial missions to the very end. Playing through the Hitman 3, you will realize that every single mission is a bold statement that actually showcases the level design that is curated and created with expertise because it definitely exceeds your expectations and a point to remember would be that while Hitman 3 is definitely not the right place to start with your Hitman path, it definitely is a much more satisfying way to end the journey. 

While the predecessors have been dropping players in locations unknown, and providing them with a target, Hitman 3 has definitely upped the game in terms of the design and experience. From extremely intricately designed situations to providing the players with the tools that they will definitely need in order to accomplish their missions.

The new elements that are added to Hitman 3.

One of the major new elements, or rather, the new noticeable elements are the camera gadget which does help in hacking through switches and various other items. Few other notable elements that are added to Hitman 3 are their shortcuts. From unlocking particular doors to gaining access to the ladders, there are a number of paths that are open to you on the following runs and they actually compliment the whole series where you gain the ability to pass through the various sections of the level and are available to gain access to whoever or whatever you were chasing.

The missions are designed to be interactive and it is definitely shown in the experience that the players will be able to experience. Apart from that. Almost every single mission introduces a completely different aspect that the players were not expecting and while the whole goal of the game is to kill your targets, it also shows the variety and the different aspects to the game that makes Hitman 3 extremely stimulating and interesting not to forget to mention, satisfying as well. 

Hitman 3 is one of the best conclusions to the series and the improvements that have been made in the game as well as the notable upgrades, provide the excitement and tension that will hook you in The Hitman 2 is the conclusion of the chapters of the whole series of Hitman and while it does not seem or even feel like an ending, the content that it has to offer, especially the final act is something that is worthy of the whole hype of the Hitman 3 and is extremely rewarding and has features and level designs that are meticulously designed, created and curated intricately for the best experience that can be offered to the player.