A Guide on How to Earn Interest on Ethereum

Would you like to earn interest on Ethereum? If you have ETH in your digital wallet, of course, you would like to earn more coins. Since Ethereum is one of the major cryptocurrencies on the market, there are numerous platforms that give interest on the crypto when you save with them or participate in liquidity pool programs.

If you do not know how to get interest on ETH, this article will give you a simple-to-follow guide. But even as you read through, it is worth knowing that you need to have the ETH in your digital wallet or a plan to buy it from a reliable exchange in order to begin to earn interest on Ethereum.

Choose the Right Platform to Earn Interest on Ethereum

You can either use a crypto savings platform or a liquidity platform to earn interest on Ethereum. The common one is an ETH savings account, which is provided by platforms such as Binance, YouHodler, and others.

YouHodler, for instance, allows you to save ETH and many other coins and gives an interest rate of up to 12% APY. Just like with other popular crypto savings accounts, you need to open an account with the platform and start saving immediately to earn compound interest.

On the other hand, you can lend your ETH to liquidity pool platforms to fund smart contracts. Ethereum is known for smart contracts that generate digital tokens. Hence, finding a liquidity pool community is easy. In return, you will earn ETH interest.

How to Redeem Your Interest

As you can see, it is easy and straightforward to earn interest on Ethereum. As mentioned, popular platforms provide compound interest, which is paid right into your Ethereum interest account on the platform.

You will access your interest at different intervals such as daily, weekly, or biweekly. As soon as it is available, you can withdraw it in a variety of ways; this can be in the form of cash or digital currencies. Some people prefer to keep their interest in the account to grow their investments, while others withdraw it to use on other expenses.

Benefits to Enjoy When You Earn Interest on Ethereum

Grow your investment – By now, you know the steps to earn interest on ETH. With it comes the benefit of growing your investment. Imagine getting an interest rate of up to 12% APY on your coins. The interest will obviously boost your initial savings and grow it over time. If you let all your coins stay in the savings account without touching them, you will definitely have more by the end of the year.

Quick access to your savings – If you go for flexible crypto savings, you will have 24/7 access to your funds. Even as you earn interest on Ethereum, you can turn to your savings to take care of an emergency. But you need to choose an interest-earning platform that guarantees digital asset security and access to your funds at all times.


With the above tips, you now know how to earn interest on ETH. It all boils down to choosing the right platform, whether it is a crypto savings platform or liquidity pool platform. So, make the right decisions today to get the most from your Ethereum.