AI Softwares to boost your small business


Every astute business owner is concerned about improving sales and staying ahead of the ever-increasing competition.

In this era, where Artificial Intelligence improves lives and makes things better, a small business owner can leverage its availability. Some of these AI tools might be expensive, but with financing sources like small business loans, you can use these tools to make your business more profitable. 

What is AI software?

Some years ago, AI software was out of our reach. We could only see it on our television screens. These days, Artificial Intelligence is accessible, and almost everyone can access it.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is a computer application or program that can emulate intelligent human behavior like problem-solving and critical thinking, reasoning, learning, etc.

Pros and benefits of applying these softwares

AI software can improve a business’ processes and operational efficiency irrespective of its industry. 

The importance of AI in software and computer applications cannot be understated because several benefits will be mentioned below. With small business loans, you can get some of these AI tools to boost your small business.

1. Improved cybersecurity

Currently, there is an increase in digital data from both businesses and customers. Therefore, there is an increased need for cybersecurity. With AI cybersecurity software, you can monitor the behavioral patterns of customers on your business’ application, website, etc.

The AI software can correctly predict important information from these interactions, which shows if your business website or application is under attack. Hence, if anything looks unfamiliar or out of the norm, the AI swings to action by eliminating the threat.

Many malicious programs that infiltrate businesses online data are AI-assisted. So, the perfect way to tackle them is to invest in getting AI software for your business to keep your brand running and improve customer trust.

2. Marketing your business

If you are struggling with marketing your enterprise to the world, some AI software can help you. The right AI software can suggest excellent marketing strategies that align with your business needs and are peculiar to your industry. 

An AI software for marketing watches the behavioral usages that directed people to your business page that motivated them to buy from you.

AI software for marketing is not only meant for large corporations with a robust budget. Even small businesses can incorporate these applications into their daily processes.

3. Quality Assurance

Depending on your industry, you need to vet your products or services control to sustain your reputability. It can be challenging to manually assess your products or services because it would consume much time, energy, and workforce.

Also, you shouldn’t skip this, especially if you want to beat the competition, which makes quality assurance of Products / Services mandatory.

With AI software, you can automate this process and get results within a short time. You can detect manufacturing flaws for products, which allows you to take action before they get to your customers.

4. Scheduling customer appointments

As your business grows and your customer base becomes bigger, it gets challenging to keep up with appointments. If you begin to miss out on meetings with customers, you will start losing them. To prevent this, get an AI software that helps you schedule customer appointments.

With the right AI software, you will also get reminders before the slated time. This eliminates the chances of disappointing your customers.

Great AI softwares to help your small business

Gradually, Artificial Intelligence is becoming conventional in the business world. The inclusion of AI gives brands the prospect of becoming more productive and profitable. With some of these AI tools, you don’t need to depend on traditional solutions to get some tasks done.

1. DigitalGenius

DigitalGenius software allows you to pre-install automated conversations with your customers. Receive customer support tickets and resolve their complaints. This software saves you the expense of hiring customer support.

DigitalGenius works by going through the customer support logs to grasp all transactions and conversations to respond accurately. So, even with human customer service, they can function more effectively.

2. saves you the stress of getting a human personal assistant for your small business. This AI software efficiently schedules all your meetings. So, no matter how busy you are, you won’t miss any appointments with members of staff and customers.

Also, is a proficient and see-through AI tool that shows you the meeting details before attending to your guests. This software also plays pivotal roles like rescheduling, follow-ups, etc.

3. MarketMuse

To boost your small business’ marketing efforts, MarketMuse is a game-changer. This AI software helps you build effective content strategies. This AI tool lets you know the right keywords to target and the topic categories to dominate a specific topic niche. 

When you craft content, MarketMuse compares it to other related articles on the internet to check what is missing.

4. Conversable

With Conversable, you can conveniently handle customer conversations across all marketing platforms. You can set up unique automated exchanges across these channels while you attend to other tasks. Also, you can target, keep and convert leads to customers via captivating conversations rather than boring web pages that leave people confused.

If your customers are ready to take actionable steps like paying for a service, Conversable simplifies the buying process to be done quickly.

5. Crayon

It can be challenging to spy on your competitors manually, but you can have AI software do it for you. Crayon gives you regular updates on your competitors’ activities. Hence, you can use the data to make informed decisions when drawing up marketing strategies and campaigns.


Having read this piece, it is correct to mention that there are Artificial Intelligence tools to provide a seamless and convenient solution, whatever your business needs are. As a business owner, do your due diligence on the various AI software you can use to improve your business operations.

If you need access to funding sources like small business loans so that you can pay for some of these AI softwares, check the link in the introductory paragraph on how to get it.