AMD and Mediatek Partner To Make A Grand Entrance In The Mobile Market

The recent times have been pretty unfavorable for the PC and Laptop processor market. The mobile market for processors is at a clear advantage across the globe. Recent reports suggest that the US-based chipmaker AMD plans to transform its business strategy according to the above trend. AMD is making a bold move to channelize its R&D and production to the mobile processor segment. Partnering with Mediatek, they are all set to produce chips for smartphones and tablets.

The players who have tried this switch earlier, such as Intel, have gone back to their comfort zone, i.e., the PC market. However, we cannot claim that AMD is entirely new to the mobile market. AMD acquired the Adreno GPU by Qualcomm over a decade ago. The GPU team was handed over to Qualcomm. AMD then moved the mobile processors after the acquisition of ATI, and the current branch of Adreno has zero associations with AMD.

AMD’s Cooperation With Mediatek  

AMD is said to have taken a cautious stand while entering the mobile market. Rather than taking a standalone initiative, they have decided to cooperate with MediaTek, the Taiwan-based foundry. The abundant experience of the latter in designing and manufacturing an array of 4G and 5G chip technology for mobile processors and this aspect will come to the aid of AMD in this partnership. Their processors have led to a seamless user experience for mobile gamers. 

Apart from the existing ocean of mobile gaming applications in the market, real-life gaming entertainment segments like casinos and gambling are also making a shift to the mobile version. Players in countries like South Africa prefer seamless gameplay and near-authentic experience from their mobiles. They prefer playing in reviewed casino sites to enjoy the most popular online casino games across the country.   

Good News For Mobile Gamers

To synergize this partnership, AMD’s main contribution will be in the advanced GPU technology area. They also have a history of cooperating with the Korean electronics giant Samsung related to the RDNA architecture for the latter. Their Exynos 2200 processor was famous for its top-notch chip performance quality. 

The intelligence received suggests that AMD and Mediatek partnership is all set to revolutionize the GPUs for mobile gaming. The resultant chips are set to make an entry into the coveted list of best processors for gaming on mobile.

It is still not fully confirmed whether Mediatek will limit itself to providing just the modem SoC or whether there is scope for deeper collaboration between both the companies. Tech experts suggest that AMD’s purchase of Xilinx for a whopping $35 Billion can provide interesting collaboration opportunities with Mediatek.

AMD’s Semi-Custom Business

Parallelly, AMD’s range of semi-custom businesses has been gaining traction in recent years. In addition to the existing deals with Sony and Microsoft earning the bulk of the revenue, the firm has also signed ventures with Samsung and Tesla focusing on the gaming segment and design-related mobile graphic chips.

Focusing On Long-Term

The AMD-Mediatek partnership does make a lot of logical sense in multiple ways. Intel’s existing partnership with Mediatek in designing 5G radios on laptops is a driving factor for AMD. Cellular laptop connectivity has never been burning brightly in the electronic market. Nonetheless, this initiative can be a control measure by AMD against Intel knocking them out of the premium laptop SKUs in the scenario where 5G modems hit a sweet spot. Our experts expect a few years for the resultant product to hit the market. Therefore, it is safe to assume that AMD is looking for the game of long hauls. 

If AMD has a 5G-capability system in its roadmap, Mediatek is definitely the right player to partner with. The other option of Qualcomm, who is equally capable, is out of AMD’s radar. The reason is that Qualcomm has its private ambitions of developing high-end ARM CPUs and 5G modems.  


AMD chips are arguably the best in the GPU segment, and this partnership is expected to have all the elements for capturing the mobile market by storm. Furthermore, there is also information that AMD is hoarding custom-made chips for miners. But, they are yet to accept this claim publicly. The representatives from AMD stress on the point that their chips are focused only on gamers at this point (Radeon series)