Best External Monitors for Laptop in 2020

Using an external monitor for your laptop is a great hack to improve your efficiency. Having dual displays can offer a lot of benefits. Whether you are a student, gamer, artist, video editor, or even a writer, connecting an external display will work wonders for you.

A second screen is handy for everything you do. If you have to create website template, you have more visuals to check out at once. While gaming, an external monitor improves graphical fidelity, your field of view, and even enhances immersion. Whatever project you are working on, you can see its entirety in one swoop. While creating presentations or lectures, you can view your work on a full screen instead of scrolling down again and again.

So if you are looking to make the leap for a dual monitor setup or more, here are the best monitors of 2020.


In terms of performance and price, the Swift PG35VQ is the ultimate external monitor in the market. Its ultra-wide screen, color-accurate display, and fast refresh rate make it one of the top monitors to buy.

A unique feature of this version of the swift is that it has a built-in audio amplifier. Therefore, you don’t have to compromise on the audio for a premium visual experience.

The monitor is moderately ergonomic. However, it lacks the pivot to portrait mode. Another disappointing thing is the DCI-P3 test score of this monitor. DCI-P3 test measures how well the monitor can display video in editing apps and tools. It ranked 71.4, which is lower than what we expected.

This external monitor is best for gaming or art, thanks to its color correctness. However, it isn’t the best for video editing.

But the fast refresh rate and exceptional color quality make it worth buying.


Excellent gaming and user experience with the 200Hzrefresh rate

Low input lag

Sharp color accuracy

Highly responsive OSD


o Heavy design

o Expensive compared to similar competitors

o Low DCI-P3 score


Razer Raptor 27

The impressive features of Raptor 27 include its unique design, exceptional color accuracy, and low input lag. The stand of the monitor is wide and heavy. And while it makes the Raptor 27 bulkier, it also makes it a lot sturdier than other monitors.

The back of this monitor is unique, and the stand also works as a cable manager. The back portion of the stand holds all the cables from the bottom of the screen and down to the precut channels. The wires go out to the laptop from the precut channels.


 Beautiful and functional design

 Little use of RGB

 Very low input lag

 Intuitive cable management system


o Bit pricier than others in the list



If you want ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ but at an affordable price, then here is the best option. This monitor features both a fast refresh rate and a beautiful design. The color accuracy isn’t the same as the ROG Swift PG35VQ. But overall, this monitor offers excellent value for its price.

The all-black body has a single ring of RGB LED lighting. The design is perfect for gamers and professionals alike.

The DCI-P3 test shows a score of 78.8. Though we were expecting more, the score is okay. This laptop is perfect for gamers, students, and most professionals. You may need to look for a pricier option for graphic designing and video editing.



High-speed 240Hz refresh rate

Ergonomic design

Low motion blur

Affordable price


o Color results slightly less in quality

o Fair DCI-P3 score


 Apple Pro Display XDR

This is the most expensive monitor on our list. But with the high price, we get the most exceptional quality, excellent performance, and innovative features from Apple. Apple Pro Display XDR offers brilliant color accuracy, a sturdy build, and an aesthetically pleasing design.

This model comes with an innovative design and a few added features. The back panel has cheese grater like holes to dissipate the heat and allow smooth airflow.

The display isn’t classified as microLED, or OLED like most Apple devices are. Here we have something new to work with as a display. The monitor has a unique feature called ‘full-array local dimming’ or FALD. FALD provides an exceptional backlit display which is advanced from other monitors. As the screen of the monitor brightens or darkens, the whole panel will brighten or darken accordingly.


High color accuracy

Incredible HDR display

Sturdy build


o Very expensive

o No input alternative available for USB-C


Article contributed by Hari Babu!