Best Gadgets for Streaming on Demand in 2021


This year’s streaming video on demand industry has given all other entertainment industries a run for the money. When covid struck, and people were sent to their homes for an indefinite period, they had little to nothing planned out as this was an unexpected turn. But thanks to the age of technology and digital media, people soon found solace in streaming. 


Streaming became the new replacement for any outdoor activity; at least it kept everyone home and, most of all, safe as well. But what seemed really unusual was that it also helped people stay sane as the world battled one of the most significant pandemics ever. And front there began the eternal streaming war between the top contenders and even the new ones like Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock TV. While we saw the demise of Quibi, an ambitious project altogether. 


But the significant detail that went unnoticed was that people also began investing in proper streaming kits, devices, and gadgets that gave them the perfect streaming experience at home since all the cinemas were closed everywhere. 


And what the best part was that these streaming devices are compatible with all the primary streaming services. If you are in a geo-restricted area trying to find the answers, can I get Sling TV in Canada? Then yes, you very much can because it can also get a VPN connection on its system. So without further wait, let’s see what we have in store with these fantastic streaming gadgets in 2021.

Streaming Devices

Following are some of the top-rated streaming devices of 2021: 

Roku Express

A conventional streaming app and a super affordable and easy-to-use streaming device. From all the major streaming applications to in-build Roku interface, which includes various Roku channels and Roku TV. This is by far a great budget-friendly option. Its only flaws may be that it has a chunky remote control with big and very straightforward buttons on its hand. It has a dedicated button for all the major streaming applications like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. And it is a great one overall, especially if you are tight on a budget.  

Apple TV 4K 

Apple has finally stepped foot in the streaming industry, and not just with a device, but with its very own streaming service too. And this streaming service offers exclusive in-house produced content only, how fancy. What’s fancier is the awesome sleek design of the streaming box and the remote. It streams in 4K HDR and has a new A12 processor, excellent which takes it all up a notch. As far as streaming services are concerned, it caters to them all, but the only setback is that it is not compatible with any of the Android devices. 

Google Chromecast with Google TV

The beloved Google has also entered the chat; with new features and new technology, the Google Chromecast is back, longer and better this time. Prior to this, the Chromecast device was used to cast via your phone or any other device. But now it comes with a new remote which lets you have an on-screen interaction which also allows you to browse and stream all the applications on your TV screen, rather than your mobile device, which is a huge relief as it used to report orientation issues for many users. 

Fire TV Cube

A product of Amazon Fire TV Cube is revamped with various new features that were missing in the previous versions of the Amazon Fire TV Cube family. It is compact, making it convenient to place and carry, and it also acts as an intelligent speaker. The processing with this one is high-speed and bug-free, better than its other parts. 

Added Plus

Apart from these streaming devices, various other gadgets can make a great streaming experience for you. These gadgets may or may not be directly linked to the streaming video on demand, but it sure does know how to amplify the whole experience. They are as follows: 

Smart TV

Getting a Smart TV is a significant investment if you ask us because it has multiple features, especially for streamers. From all the major streaming applications available to casting options from your phone, it’s an all-in-one package. 

External Speakers 

This may not be streaming-related, but it will make your streaming experience great. It is one of the best gadgets to go along with any streaming device, giving you an amazing complete theatrical experience that will surely get your mood uplifted in these times of distress for sure.