Best Gadgets For Students in 2020


The 21st century is impossible to imagine without gadgets. They are our constant companions everywhere we go. But is there something else we might need aside from our smartphones and laptops? We think, yes! Though smartphones and laptops combine many functions, there are gadgets that have only one or two of them but perform these functions much more efficiently. Let’s see what other gadgets are out there!



E-reader might look obsolete in the age of tablets, but it is really handy when you have a lot to study. An E-reader is your portable library, a gadget you may use all day long without your eyes getting too tired – just like an average paper book. It also uses its battery much slower than any tablet, so you may use it for up to a week until an e-book needs recharging.


Another benefit of an e-book is that it is a book only – no distracting features, no games (read to find out about its effects on students), nothing except you and the text. It is a perfect match when you really need to study hard. This will save your eyes, time, battery charge, and your nerves!


Multipurpose power bank

There is a suitable battery for almost every device. However, the most valuable is still the power bank equipped with enough USB ports, different cables (micro USB, C-type cable, iPhone one, and so on) and which is fit for charging any gadget, from a netbook to a phone. Though such devices are usually relatively heavy, they are very portable and you can pack them away in your backpack until you need them. You may use your average palm size power bank for daily purposes, but when you have a long day ahead of you and know you may not get to charge up until the late evening – such a power bank will be instrumental anywhere.


Portable hard drive

The capacity of flashcards is simply too small for our daily life, and the Google Disc app needs a good Internet connection. A portable hard drive may come in handy when we need something big and fast. There are varieties up to 4TB on the market, and they work almost as fast as regular hard drives in your laptop. If you work with graphic files or just need a lot of space for your project, this hard drive will help you a lot.


Portable hard drives are also useful for storing secure information such as your photos, videos, and other miscellaneous files. You may lend your laptop to your friend or neighbor without any thoughts about your confidential data accidentally leaking out.


Fitness tracker

Sometimes we study too much and forget about our health. Today’s fitness tracker is not only a step counter; it is a complex device that can measure your heart rate, sleep quality, and calories burnt per day. These days they have the ability to remind you that it’s time to do some exercises, let your eyes rest, drink some water, and go to sleep. Actually, it does pretty much what our parents did when we were at school.


Fitness trackers are also useful for people who need to watch their health more thoroughly, i.e., people with chronic diseases or anxiety. They connect to the phone via Bluetooth and can work together with any health tracking application, providing the data necessary for the most accurate health status evaluation.


Noise-canceling headphones

College campuses and dorms always produce a lot of unwanted noise. To focus on your studies, you need something to cancel that noise out. Luckily, modern headphones can isolate you from your noisy surroundings, leaving you together with silence or the music of your choice. The noise-canceling headphones may be of any size and shape (though the big classical ones still work better just because of the physics of the sound waves), they can be wired or wireless and connect to almost every device via the standard jack.


There are lots of other gadgets, but we chose the main ones we found to be most useful here. The market offers plenty of different exotic things, but the main question you should ask yourself before purchasing is simple: Does the new gadget work better than the ones you already have?