Best Overwatch Players and Teams in Asia

The eSports market in Thailand is booming and not just in the country. Globally, eSports trends in 2021 are promising and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. One eSports that has shaped itself up as a particularly strong and fan-favorite option in Asia is Overwatch. Through participation in the Overwatch League (OWL), many talented teams have been able to bring back victory and fame to their countries.

The unique, franchised way of doing business in the OWL has introduced an alternative way to view eSports where fans have to actually visit an eSports arena to enjoy the match or game going on. In Thailand alone, there are some 32 million gamers, and this has inevitably led to the formation of many successful eSports organizations.

Asia has some of the most talented OW gamers and today we take a peek behind the curtain to see who those talented individuals and their teams are. There are many excellent

 teams that you can explore and we welcome you to do so.

Talon Overwatch Team

The first organization to talk about is the Talon eSports team. Operating out of Hong Kong, the team has attracted a number of talented Overwatch players and they have earned over $280,000 in their career so far. Presently, the team consists of:

  • Seong Yoo-min (Support)
  • Chae Hee-sang (DPS)
  • Kim Min-jae (Tank)
  • Kim Jun-hwa (Tank)
  • Kim Jun (Support)
  • Kwon Dong-hyeon (Tank)
  • Chon Gi-hyeon (DPS)

They took fourth and first in the Overwatch Contenders Seasons 2018 and 2019 respectively and have been constantly in the public eye when it comes to competitive Overwatch. They represent the Taipei Contenders’ slot and are some of the most promising and aspiring teams in professional Overwatch.

Seoul Dynasty

Speaking of powerhouse eSports teams in the Overwatch League, you definitely must have heard of Seoul Dynasty. The team is one of the most promising units in the OWL and as such, they have achieved global recognition.

While they represent Seoul, South Korea, the squad is loved the world over which is not at all surprising. They have won over $1.2 million in tournament winnings and have active sponsorships with ROCCAT gaming and PUMA. The team is praised for its perseverance and consistent results. Presently, the active roster consists of:

  • Dongeon Kim
  • Junyoung Park
  • Youngwan Kim
  • Jeong Hak-yong
  • Myeonghwan Yoo
  • Seonghyun Bang

Seoul Dynasty continues to deliver consistently good results. They were posted third in the East Division during the 2021 regular season, behind Chengdu Hunters and Shanghai Dragons.

Shanghai Dragons Team

As you can imagine, there are many talented players from all over the world and when we are talking about the Overwatch League, we must mention the Shanghai Dragons. The official OWL representatives for Shanghai, the Dragons are a team that is feared in the league.

They have been able to amass an impressive $2,852,751 in total earnings and are presently some of the most feared teams out there. Their active roster is actually quite big, more so than most other OWL teams and this gives them A LOT of leverage when they are looking to come up with a great strategy quickly. They are currently running with a number of promising players and members of the staff, including:

  • Minchul Kim (Support)
  • Byungsun Kim (DPS)
  • Lee Jae-won (DPS)
  • Kang Jun-woo (Tank)
  • Lee Jae-Gon (Support)
  • Panseung Koo (Tank)
  • Chengzhi He (Support)
  • Seung-jun Lee (DPS)

The entire team is noticeably loaded with South Korean talent and this shouldn’t exactly surprise you. As it turns out, South Korea is the hottest breeding ground for talented players who know how to deliver on top performance across the league. As it turns out, Overwatch pros are some of the best salaried professional gamers as well and have earned over $231,000 on average.

Making a Name for Yourself in the OWL

The OWL has an extremely high entry-level. The reason for this is the way the league operates. As a franchised establishment, it expects teams that wish to participate to pay the cost upfront. That makes it somewhat hard to get new teams involved as you need a big sponsor to back you up.

However, once a brand joins the Overwatch League, it would try to attract some of the most talented players in the game and sign them right up. To achieve that, most organizations would not think twice and turn directly to Asia where the current talent pool of Overwatch players is and deservedly so.