Best Platform for Play and Downloading Video Games

Gaming has grown to become a billion-dollar industry since it was created many moons ago. What started as an entertainment option has now opened up hundreds of opportunities, with some people taking gaming as a full-time career.

People used to visit physical gaming stores to buy or rent some of the newest games in the market. However, that has since changed, and Canadian gamers can stream games online in the comfort of their homes. What are some of the best platforms where people can download such games? We were lucky to have an interactive session with Conrad Brennan (check profile) to share some of these platforms:


The platform is owned by Valve Corporations and has been operational for more than a decade. It has been consistently ranked among the biggest distribution platforms for online games for years. Steam supports more than 28 languages and has one of the biggest collections of games you can ever think of. 

Steam is available across multiple operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. Playing options on this platform are many, and you can play against an automated player, against a friend, or a random opponent on the internet. Steam Workshop allows developers to create and share new games. 

Google Play 

The biggest search in the world is also a perfect platform for someone who wants to play casino game. The platform has millions of apps that are spread across various categories. Google Play provides a variety of payment options for premium games for Canadians. 

Downloading slots from this platform can allow you to familiarize yourself with various games before you embark play slot machines on a competitive basis. Trying free slots in your free time can help you accumulate funds in Canadian online casinos. 

Ocean of Games

It is the brainchild of a British company named Ocean. The platform has a wide variety of games such as song games, action games, arcade games, survival games, RPGs, and song games, to mention a few. The community platform comes in handy as people can meet and even chat during gaming. 

You can play against an automated player, a random online opponent, or even against your friend. Ocean of Games is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. 


GOG was formerly known as Good Old Games and is operated by GOG Limited. It is a Cypriot digital platform with a big collection of video games and movies that people can download and purchase easily. 

You do not have to go through 3rd party websites to download games from this platform. Games can auto-update as long as you are connected to an internet connection. Cloud saving is also essential to ensure that you do not lose the progress of your games. 


It is a digital distribution platform that promotes online gaming. Origin is owned by Electronic Arts, which has also developed many games. The platform supports games that can be played both on PC and mobile devices. 

Its assortment of social features allows users to create a community of gamers. You can network with friends through video streaming on Twitch and chats. Community integration allows you to share your game library through PlayStation Network, Nintendo Network, Xbox Live, and Facebook. 

Skidrow reloaded 

It is an online platform where you can purchase and download online games. There are various categories of games such as song games, action games, arcade games, fantasy, survival, and RPG games. The games on this platform can be downloaded via various links such as Multilink, Torrent, Turbobit, Hitfile, DownAce, and GO4UP, among many more others. 

Android Games Room 

The platform has thousands of both paid and free games. The games on this platform are easy to download, and you do not need an intermediary. Accessing the gaming platform is easy as you can scan a QR code from your phone. Some games are compatible with both mobile devices and PCs. However, the platform lacks a community section and also does not support multiplayer gaming. 

Above are some of the most popular platforms where you can download online casino games and video games in Canada. Each platform has some basic guidelines that developers have to abide by before they host their games. The platforms host both free and premium games.