Big Commerce vs Shopify Plus


Currently there are several electronic platforms to start an online business, that’s where people wonder which one to choose and use to start their business.

If you are an entrepreneur with the intention of starting an ecommerce, you will ask which one should I choose: Big Commerce Vs Shopify. Having its peculiarities and established features, however, Shopify has been gaining a level of development and acceptance among users that makes it stand out from the rest.

Just by having the products sold in Shopify they will automatically be transferred to other platforms without having to invest a lot of work.

Shopify Plus Comparison on Big Commerce

You’re wondering which one should I select, Shopify Plus or Bigcommerce?

These two platforms are two of the main competitors in electronic sales, with a large user base


What is Bigcommerce?

It is a tool that offers a solution to e-commerce with the availability in users for small and medium companies, allowing building a sales store adapted to their needs.


What is Shopify plus?

Extraordinary platform to give users the availability to generate online stores with selling products on the web.

A service that is ideal for large companies.

Main features of Shopify plus:

  • Mobile applications
  • Inventory Management
  • High availability of design themes
  • Hosting
  • Payment systems
  • CRM functions
  • Blog
  • Unique API
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Ease of payment
  • Offers security to your customers

Main features of Bigcommerce:

  • WordPress Blog
  • Application Store
  • Social media sales
  • Inventory Management
  • Shopping cart with enormous reliability
  • Marketing tools
  • Product Catalogue


Benefits of Shopify:

  • Very easy to handle
  • Really solid platform
  • Great ease of use, having an intuitive and simple interface
  • Unlimited products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Templates with a variety of designs
  • Sales on multiple social networks
  • An enormous speed of creation.
  • Elegant design


Benefits of Bigcommerce:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Can be adapted to all types of companies
  • No extra commissions for the various sales transactions
  • Different tools
  • Completely adaptable to mobiles
  • Functionality to determine the products sold
  • Discounts on coupons
  • Integrate a solution with Google’s AMP application
  • Customer service
  • Maximum SEO optimization
  • Multiplatform


Why choose Shopify plus as an e-commerce tool?


Having this tool at your disposal allows you to enjoy a platform with an extraordinary design, enormous ease and simplicity of use.

Shopify has been growing enormously, being a reference in e-commerce platform, having a range of use in many countries around the world, many customers satisfied by the increase in sales.

It offers enormous functionality and extraordinary features for beginners in the universe of online commerce.

What does shopify plus offer?

Here are a few features that allow us to determine why you should choose Shopify plus over Bigcommerce:

  • No discernment is necessary on this platform to manipulate it
  • Offers the opportunity for entrepreneurship to beginners
  • Enormous ease of use
  • Millions of active users
  • Offers better templates at a lower price
  • Developers are simply better
  • It has better add-ons and applications
  • It integrates better with other platforms or applications.
  • It has an extraordinary work team, being more creative

A platform that is at the forefront, being much more progressive, so if you want to have a company with a vision of the future, trying to stay at the top level, this will undoubtedly get without any problem with Shopify.

Shopify has reached a level of development in e-commerce that is practically unrivaled.