Board Management Software – Optimize Your Startup with Virtual Boardroom Technology

Board Management Software for Startups 

Running the startup yourself is a difficult job. Sometimes, leaders are to be the executors of multiple roles. While the startup can bring a good income, this activity tends to be energy-consuming, anxious, and way time-taking. Modern technologies offer the modern solution Virtual board software, an all-in-one time-and-nerves-saving tool. 

Virtual Boardroom Software. What is It?

Board management software is a paperless solution to many problems that leaders or directors of any organization face. Board portal software is a large virtual environment, contains different features vote and polls tool, virtual data storage, graphs, and calendars, communication tool, tasks, agenda manager, and many other time-saving options. 

Who is using Virtual Boardrooms?

A large or small organization, private or corporate foundation Virtual boardroom is a must-have software for optimizing any governance. Virtual boardrooms are already used by:

    • Nonprofits Organizations
    • For-Profits Organizations
    • Charity and Faith-Based Organizations
    • Trade Associations 
    • School Boards
    • Fraternities or Sport Organizations
    • Foundations

Key Virtual Boardroom Features for Startup Managing  

We already know that an online board portal provides helpful options for managing any business with extra efficiency. But what features do they exactly provide? And how to choose a proper one from the large market?

Before choosing the right virtual boardroom, examine the major features that the average virtual boardroom should contain. 

  • Tools for tasks and agenda management

Boardrooms provide a special tool for creating tasks and agendas and tracking progress. Access to a virtual boardroom is possible with any device PC, tablet, or mobile.

  • Report generating & sharing 

The ideal conference room solution will provide you with real-time use information.

When you have access to complete workspace analytics, you can guarantee that your meeting rooms are being used to their full potential.

  • Calendars 

Any planned meeting or conference can be added to the special calendar. Any board member would be notified about further plans. 

  • Safe virtual storage

There’s no need to keep papers in a file cabinet that board members can’t get to when needed with a board portal. Using unrestricted cloud-based storage, your board may save all papers.

  • Votes & Polls

Picking up every single vote from each board member is extraordinarily inconvenient. With the virtual boardroom`s votes & polls feature, you can create the poll and grant access to all board members. 

  • Online meeting & messenger

Keep all members engaged with an online board meeting. Anyone can join your important meeting, wherever they are. With the messenger feature, you can quickly and conveniently communicate between all board members. Perfect paperless meeting solution.

How to Choose a Proper Boardroom Software?

Choosing such an important tool is a significant step. More and more virtual board portal providers are entering the global market; leaders of organizations have a great variety of these products to choose from. All virtual boardroom software can be compared with five main options Cost, Reliability, Functional, Convenient in use, and Efficiency


Excessive administrative and staffing expenditures can deplete revenues even when donations are substantial. Contributors are more likely to donate more and for a longer period if they know that boards are cutting expenses wherever possible.


This is about sensitive data and its decent security. If the virtual storage of large businesses can be easily revealed and stolen, it may jeopardize the whole company’s future. While choosing such a soft, ask the vendor about security options first of all. 

Functional & Features

The question is: will this soft facilitate my work? Before choosing the board portal, examine the feature it provides. 

Convenient in use (Adaptability) 

Any new soft for an organization takes some time to teach members how to use the tool, and time has its value. Corporations should pay proper attention while choosing the suitable board portal soft. Is it convenient to use? Can anyone learn how to use this soft quickly by himself?


Standard manual processes spend time on boards and spent time equals money lost. Donors and other stakeholders want nonprofit boards to lead effectively to utilize resources appropriately. Virtual boardrooms can increase efficiency with a massive arsenal of tools to optimize the managing process. 

Top Virtual Boardroom Vendors 

The following list represents the top providers of the global market. You can find the most suitable one by comparing all features and options they offer. 

Azeus Convene

Convene is a multi-award-winning board management software and cloud-based collaboration platform for big and medium businesses in various sectors. Some of the highlights are live online presentation tools, integrated video conferencing, a drag-and-drop interface, meeting scheduling, voting, rapid alerts, and document review rooms.

Users may use a secure central platform to exchange papers, notes, agendas, and other presentation resources.


BoardPro is a cloud-based board portal management tool that helps organizations manage board procedures, everyday operations, and documentation. It serves organizations as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Meeting logistics is a function of BoardPro that focuses on handling events, including scheduling, writing minutes, and other remaining tasks. Users may use the agenda builder to create meeting agendas and assign tasks to speakers. They can also upload papers and other meeting-related materials.


BoardPAC is a board meeting automation system that makes board meetings and other high-level senior management meetings paperless and secure.

BoardPAC is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones and is military-grade  secured. It also works with both on-premise and cloud deployments.

Security, creativity, and technology have all been recognized by BoardPAC. Annual subscriptions and one-time licenses are also available for the software.