Call of Duty League Early Predictions

With the turn of the New Year, the Call of Duty League is now growing closer. In 20 short days, the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic will be taking place in Arlington, Texas. This will be the first time all 12 teams will be together on LAN since prior to COVID. While there are no scores and odds out just yet, let’s take a look at our initial favorites heading into the competitive season.

Atlanta Faze

Winners of the 2021 Call of Duty League, Atlanta Faze is the immediate favorite to win again. One of the only teams to keep their starting roster from last season, this Faze squad is set to run it back for 2022. Comprised of Arcitys, Abezy, Cellium, and Simp this team is ridiculous.

With every Call of Duty, there are certain strategies that go into how the game is going to be played, whether it is using one assault rifle or two, alongside the SMG weapons. Teams often struggle with the flex players being inconsistent if they can not switch from the assault rifle to the SMG. For Faze, this is one of their best qualities as Cellium is one of the best flex players to ever play the game.

The other three players on this roster are top-tier talent as well. Simp and Abezy, also known as the tiny terrors, are great SMG players. Arcitys, if not the best, is one of the top three assault rifle players in the game. With this roster, they have to be the early favorite to dominate the Call of Duty League again.

Toronto Ultra

Another team that has kept its roster intact for 2022 is the Toronto Ultra. A team that was so close all of last season they have decided that bringing the team back is best for everyone involved. Ultra was competitive all of 2021, winning one of the majors and coming in second in two of them.

Bance, Insight, Cammy, and CleanX make up this four-player roster. Insight was the newest player on the team last season, when he replaced Methodz, becoming the main AR for Ultra. Bance is the only player on this squad that had any sort of recognition prior to the Cold War season last year. Cammy and CleanX competed in Modern Warfare, but Cold War was their breakout game, and they have not looked back since.

With their previous success as a group and their chemistry not having to be refocused at all, Ultra comes into 2022 as an immediate favorite to compete for the top spot. 

New York Subliners

While there are not going to be as many people on this train, the Subliners have a real chance to be special in 2022. Last season, the Subliners were all over the place. The lack of consistency saw the team going from second in majors to top six in others. It just seemed like they could not consistently figure out their roles.

What does a team like that do? They went out and got one of the winningest Call of Duty professionals to ever play the game in Ian “C6” Porter. C6 rejoins Clayster, and the pair won the 2020 Call of Duty League with Dallas Empire. Alongside this duo will be Hydra and Neptune.

This is one of those rosters that, on paper, have serious potential. There is veteran leadership with C6 and Clayster, as well as the young talent with Hydra and Neptune. Whether they are going to be able to put it all together is yet to be seen. If they do start to click, look out for this team to be a sleeper to win this year. 


Every year, with a new game comes different situations. In years past, it seemed like teams would constantly be streaming or playing in tournaments leading up to the opening weekend of the league. This year, however, it has recently been brought up that Call of Duty League teams are not allowed to play in any events prior to the Kickoff event.

This change seems like one that several players were not very happy with, and owners voiced their opinions pretty heavily about it as well. This season, now on their third official Call of Duty League season, could have serious implications for how things transpire moving forward as it seems like teams are finally starting to hit back about some of the rule changes. All that being said, competitive Call of Duty is almost upon us.