DearMob iPhone Manager – Transfer and Manage Your iPhone, iPad without iTunes


If you have ever used iTunes to manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod, you probably know how outdated it is. Maybe Apple received a lot of complaints from users, because they decided to phase out iTunes from MacOS since last year. After testing a lot of many free iTunes alternatives in the market, today we’re going to introduce DearMob iPhone Manager – an easy, fast, and safe way to transfer, manage, backup and restore iPhone iPad without iTunes.

Two-way Sync between iPhone and Computer

With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can transfer nearly anything you want from iPhone, iPad to computer, or from computer to your iPhone iPad, such as: photos, videos, music, apps, messages, contacts, ebooks, etc. Let’s take a look at how to transfer photos to your computer as an example.


Step 1. Connect your iPhone and your computer with a USB cable

Step 2. Open DearMob iPhone Manager and click “Photo Transfer”

Step 3. Select photos you like, then click “Export”

That’s it! The photos will be exported to your computer in seconds. Thanks to the full GPU hardware acceleration tech, transferring files with DearMob iPhone Manager is extremely fast, even if your computer or iDevice is low-end. According to DearMob’s official test, transferring 100 4K photos appropriately takes 8 seconds, transferring 100 songs appropriately takes 35 seconds, transferring 1GB video appropriately takes 50 seconds. Moreover, you can transfer a whole album or many files in bulk and it will remind you if there are repeated files. And, it is really stable because the two-way transferring does not need Internet connection.


Backup & Restore iPhone iPad in One-Click

When you buy a new phone, or you want to upgrade to new iOS, for example iOS 14, it is highly recommended to backup your iDevice before upgrading. There might be unexpected errors during upgrading, and once something goes wrong, you may lose your important data and precious media forever. You can backup and restore your iDevice with iTunes or iCloud, but if you want to do it offline to avoid data erasing, DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy and safe choice.


Here’s how:

Step 1. Click “Backup & Restore” on DearMob’s main interface

Step 2. Click “Back up Now”, then this iPhone manager will make a full copy of all your files.

Don’t want to backup everything all at once? Here is a guide to backup iPhone iPad selectively. And if you want to restore your iPhone from old backups, just click “Restore backup files”, then choose a version from old backups and click “Restore Now”.

A few minutes later, your iPhone will be restored to the old version.


Create iPhone Ringtone

Do you want to change your iPhone ringtone to a customized one? Follow the instructions below, you can create your own iPhone ringtone from your favorite song easily with DearMob iPhone Manager.


Step 1. Click “Music manager” on the main interface

Step 2. Click “Add music” to sync your favorite songs from computer to your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Step 3. Click “Sync”, then the selected songs will be synced to your iDevice in few seconds.

During syncing, DearMob iPhone manager will auto detect and convert iOS unsupported format, e.g. OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV to MP3/AAC for full compatibility. You can also export and delete, create new album, edit artist info, etc. After you have your favorite song on your iPhone, here is how to make an iPhone ringtone.


Step 1. Select the music you like, then click the “iPhone ringtone” icon.

Step 2. Then, you can drag to select a 40-second music section.

Step 3. Open your iPhone, head over to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone, then you can see the 40-second song you just made.



There are many interesting and useful features offered by DearMob iPhone Manager, above are just some that I feel are most useful in daily life. You can use DearMob to manage and backup your apps with intact data, vital messages and contacts, mount your iPhone as a free USB to store important files, manage and convert ebooks for flawless reading, and auto compress large video files when importing to your iPhone or iPad.