Discover the World of Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls is a very popular series of RPG videogames that since 1994 has developed a lot of games with a magnificent quality, which have the main feature of offering the player a great freedom in their actions and a huge territorial extension, much greater than the average found in other videogames of this genre.

The tradition of this game always imposes that the hero controlled by the player starts as a simple prisoner, which is released in some way at the beginning of the game for later, get a total freedom, both to follow the main story, to explore the huge world of the game and perform a multitude of secondary tasks.

Among all the magnificent videogames in this long series developed by Bethesda Game Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online is your MMORPG par excellence, as it has been able to capture all the elements that characterize these games.

For those who do not know The Elder Scrolls Online, the following are the most important features of this videogame, taking into account its genre and particularities.


The Elder Scrolls Online uses the gameplay of Oblivion and Skyrim, which are the most famous and best rated videogames in this series, but adapting them to the popular field of MMORPG games, where it has definitely achieved an excellent result. The Elder Scrolls Online is set a thousand years before the events narrated in Skyrim (the fifth game in the series), with the evil prince “Daedric Molag Bal” fighting against the inhabitants of Tamriel. This MMORPG offers a style of play where players are completely free to progress with their characters in the way they prefer, whether joining a guild to hunt dragons, or doing less heroic tasks like buying a house, getting married, collecting materials and items, among many other similar tasks. The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that will undoubtedly offer hundreds of hours of fun, thanks to its fantastic world with great interactive possibilities. In this videogame it is extremely important to get a large amount of gold (the main money of this game) to be able to complete this game more easily and experience it to the fullest. For that reason, many players opt to buy The Elder Scrolls Online gold using specialized gaming goods shops.


Characteristic of the gameplay

As all MMORPG, in The Elder Scrolls Online the player will have to pass several missions to improve the characteristics of his character.

The Elder Scrolls Online allows the possibility of playing with a first-person view, which contributes to greater immersion in the game, and the player can also switch the camera to a third person whenever he or she prefers.

The combat system of this game is one of its most characteristic aspects. In The Elder Scrolls Online, body to body fights predominate with totally physical, direct and short range attacks; this adds a great realism to the fights of this game. Although being an MMORPG, this game also possesses several special skills and magic to fight. It should also be noted that The Elder Scrolls Online stands out more for its exploration than for its action.

This MMORPG offers endless possibilities for players, which are totally alien to the main plot of the game. For example: Players can set up their own library, become a vampire, learn to play an instrument, collect various items, among many other possibilities.


Main features of the game


  • One of the most appealing aspects of this game is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to play it.


  • Its map is extremely extensive. The Elder Scrolls Online offers one of the largest worlds among all currently existing MMORPGs and also the most extensive in the entire Elder Scrolls saga. This map is divided into a large number of cities, provinces and zones, where an extensive list is required to name them all.


  • In this MMORPG players can choose from ten different races: Dark Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Khajiit, Argonian, Orc, Nord Redguard, Breton, and Imperial.

Each race has its own characteristics, attributes and also determines the place where the player will start the game.


  • The Elder Scrolls Online also offers five different classes for the characters, these are as follows:

Dragon Knight: class specialized in the life tank.

Sorcerer: as its name indicates, it is a class capable of using both attack and support magic.

Nightblade: class specialized in stealth and has light armor.

Templar: balanced class allows you to use magic and weapons equally.

Warden: this class defends itself through the invocation of creatures that help them in combat.


That said, those were some of the main features of this excellent videogame. The Elder Scrolls Online is a highly recommended MMORPG for those looking for a videogame where exploration and interaction is the main focus.

It is hoped that this data can give a better idea of what MMORPG: The Elder Scrolls Online is like.