Essential Software for Your Business

Running a successful business in this digital day and age requires that you equip yourself with the right infrastructure. A key part of this infrastructure is software. Businesses use all kinds of software these days to enhance productivity and efficiency. With the right software at the ready you can maximize your employees’ output even when they’re working no harder or less than before.

In this article we shall go through some of the most well-rated pieces of software as found on Saasgenius. Take a look and see if there is something you can apply to your own professional life.

HubStaff – An Amazing Management Tool

HubStaff is a simple time tracking tool. It allows you to monitor time, expenses, and many other aspects when you are working on a project.

The main use of HubStaff is to make sure that everything is running tight and smooth as it should. You can use it to remotely access progress on a project. You can see which of your employees are working on what and when, what they’re doing and how much it is costing you.

This serves two purposes: one is to make sure that you do not exceed the budget of a project. You’ll be able to tell if you have staff that do nothing or spend time on the wrong things so you either can reprimand them or fire them.

Another aspect is to see how much time has been put in by your staff or clients. This helps you pay your employees correctly as well as handling invoices from contractors.

HubStaff is your eye into what your team is doing so you can accurately monitor that they do what is expected of them.

Brand24 – Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most important aspects of marketing is assessing what people are saying and feeling about your product. With such valuable information at hand, you can tailor your product to match the consumer’s exact needs and preferences.

But how do you gather such information? After all, the internet is a vast place with many avenues to search through. That is where Brand24 enters the stage. Brand24 is a real-time online and social monitoring application. The software scours every corner of the internet for mentions of your brand or product to see what users are saying about it.

This will give you a clear picture of whether people are satisfied with your product, or if they desire something more out of it. With this information you know exactly what to change to increase sales and general satisfaction.

If you operate within Europe, be mindful of the new GDPR law regarding use of personal data in marketing.

BookSteam – A Booking Portal for Customer’s

Many businesses operate both in the real world and digitally to maximise their outreach to target groups. This goes for hair salons, private healthcare clinics, accounting, or lawyer firms. In these instances, you operate with appointments for your clients.

With BookSteam you can create your very own online customizable booking page. Here customer’s will be able to book a time at available dates and times you pre-define. Multiple languages are available, the software sends out reminders on its own, allows for gift codes and coupons to be used and helps you manage your bookings and appointments in an intuitive interface.

Keep Order in Your Expenses with Merrchant

Running a business comes with lots of earnings and expenses coming from multiple sources. To keep track of them all efficiently and swiftly requires some easy-to-use managerial software dedicated to accounting.

That is essentially what you get with Merrchant. Merrchant is one of the most flexible and robust cloud-based accounting software. It can define user roles, manage HRM, CRM, POS, banking, and time tracking. Whether you’re a small-time baker or a larger sized company these features will be appealing to help you manage money and time correctly and efficiently.

Microsoft Azure – Get Access to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Businesses can run software on platforms irrespective of the operating system or device and for a nominal subscription fee or sometimes free. Learning Azure with AZ-900 certification will help business owners master the service and utilize it in the best possible way.

The Benefits of the Right Software

Arming yourself with the right software, possibly the candidates listed above, will make your business better suited to handle the extremely competitive and always evolving market out there. The right pieces of software used correctly can dramatically change the quality of your products, increase your earnings, and keep projects on track and within budget.

The age of the internet is here, and it has been here for a long time. Companies must adapt to gain the most from this new market and stay alive. All the software here should be able to help your business achieve that.