Five Brain Training App That Everyone Should Try

It’s all in your head. 

You have probably heard people say that sentence many times in different situations. For example, students may fail an exam, no matter how long and well prepared. Simply, something got stuck. That something can happen for a variety of reasons, but what is certain is that it has to do with the mind, brain, and nerves. 

The brain is a big mystery to doctors, scientists, but also to us, ordinary people who use it according to established patterns. 

Neal Taparia, developer of SpiderSolitaire Challenge, says that it is absolutely necessary to train the brain during a lifetime. 

“Brain does not like habits or patterns because it becomes lazy, and in a way, it “rusts” much earlier than it should be. What will surely surprise you is that, unlike the body, brain aging can be slowed down with exercise. So, yes, you can stay forever young, but you have to train.”

You must challenge your brain regularly with new tasks. In this way, new brain cells are being built. The more you train your brain – the easier and faster it will create new cells, without a headache. It will become easier to make a decision or just think. 

One of the simplest and most popular ways to improve the functions of your brain, learn something new, and become aware of the importance of taking care of your mind – are brain training applications.

Although they have been around for a long time in the last few years, brain training apps have been additionally personalized and adapted to different people. 

In the text below we bring you a list of 5 brain training apps that everyone should try.

1) Eidetic

Eidetic is a free brain training app; available on Android, iOS, and iPod devices. This app is focused on improving users’ memory, which improves with the help of various mentally demanding puzzles and games. 

If, for example, you have a problem with remembering numbers or codes for emails and social networks – the Eidetic app exactly improves the part of your brain in charge of such memory. 

You will also exercise regularly and monitor your progress or setbacks. 

The app adapts to your level and pace. So during one week, you can have days of easy tasks but also intensive memory training. 

It all depends on how you feel. The app will remind you if you do not train regularly or have stayed too light in light mode.

2) Cognito

If you are a fan of video games, especially the mysterious, detective-spy ones – then Cognito is ideal for you. You can be a secret agent, a genius who has to break the code to save the world and all that movie fun – it contributes to brain health. 

Beneath the adventuristic scenarios are logical and mathematical exercises that improve memory and cognitive abilities. The only drawback is that it is only available for iOS devices. You can choose between a free and a paid version.

3) Brain Kids

Brain Kids is an excellent app for kids under seven years old. It is adapted to the cognitive and mental children of that age. The application stimulates children’s brains to think logically through engaging games, simple mathematical tasks, and puzzles. 

Games are challenging enough, so parents can play them too. It is a great choice when you want to provide children with constructive entertainment. 

The Brain Kids app is available on iOS devices.

4) Peak

The Peak app provides professional brain training. One of the best applications of its kind and very highly rated. Top-notch, stimulating, dynamic, and adaptable to users. The basic version is free and available on Android, iOS, and iPod devices.

Even with just the basic version, users have great and varied brain training that includes games based on math and logic. 

Also, with the free version, you can follow your overall statistics, as you progress day by day. 

Peak app cares about its users, so it always works to improve the quality of games. Short, intense, and demanding enough to provoke a competitive spirit and a desire to be better every day.

Peak seems to scan your brain and reveal where you need the most exercise. You will be enchanted by the skill and intensity of puzzles and games. The paid app version has a “Coach” option that guides and encourages the user to play regularly. 

Also,  in the paid version, you can compete with friends, colleagues, or anyone who uses Peak, and at a similar level as you.

This app is challenging and can improve your life on various levels.

Peak is a perfect example of what brain training applications should look like; to provide the perfect balance between mental tasks and fun.

5) Lumosity

Lumosity is probably the most famous brain training application in the world. And for a reason. Thanks to carefully created mental tasks and a friendly approach to users – it has gained immense popularity.

 All games are designed based on brain biology and scientific research by neurologists. The primary scientific goal of the Lumosity application is to increase the user brain performance index (BPI). 

By playing Lumosity games, users will make decisions faster, remember PIN codes, addresses, birthdays, and the like more easily.

After you run the app for the first time and play a few entry-level games, the app will know which part of your brain needs training.

Based on that, they will suggest a plan for you to go. The free version is much more modest and offers three games that you can play daily and for as long as you want. 

On the other hand, if you want a more complicated and challenging workout, it may be best to opt for the paid version. Given that Lumosity is used by more than 100 million people worldwide – it is certain that scientists and developers have managed to improve the lives of many people.  So, you can’t go wrong with Lumosity.


The brain is a fascinating organ,  and unlike many others in the human body – it is irreplaceable. Because it is incredibly important for the functioning of the whole organism – it is necessary to feed it well and exercise it regularly. 

Brain training applications are the best choice for a modern man who is always on the move and in a hurry. You can play them on the bus, on the plane or while you have a lunch break. They are very adaptable and, even better, very effective in improving brain activity.