Five Exciting Hobbies for Tech Lovers


When technology like AI is displayed in popular culture, many people align it with numbers and complicated math. However, tech and creativity are not at opposite ends of the spectrum. A creative tech hobby is an interest that uses technology artistically, no matter if it is the art itself or if it’s the technology used to make the art.

There are many hobbies out there that could be mentioned, and it can be challenging to find one that fits you best. Even though this comes down to personal preferences, there are a few hobbies any tech lover would appreciate and enjoy.

Here are our five picks:


Digital Art

Digital art is a broad term, but it is usually applied to digital painting or illustration. Typically, it involves using a graphics tablet or a similar device together with a digital stylus. Digital art can be anything, from little scratches and doodles, to unique masterpieces with intricate details.

Online Betting

Online betting is an entertaining hobby and one that can be practiced worldwide with only an Internet connection; moreover, you can bet on almost anything. If this is your type of hobby, you can start practicing it by placing a bet live on 20Bet and enjoy the thrill it brings.

Drone Operator

Drones have changed the world in many ways in the last few years and will keep doing so in the future. Purchasing your drone and spending time learning how to operate it can be an exciting hobby and could someday prove useful.


Programming is one of the few skills that are currently incredibly valuable. As a hobby, it asks for both logical thinking and creativity. Although it will take a lot of time to master, for a tech lover, this process is part of the adventure and reward once you can code efficiently.

Website Design

This skill may not seem that creative at first, but if you want to know the difference a creative touch can make, compare a simple and functional website like Wikipedia to a professionally curated and designed website of any major brand. When done well, website design can be an enjoyable and creative process.

The Bottom Line

These are a few hobbies any tech lover will enjoy and benefit from. It is essential to have at least one hobby that you enjoy in your free time, develop skills, and get creative to keep things exciting and also maintain a sense of purpose.

Try one, a few, or even all the mentioned hobbies to figure which fits you better and find new ways to enjoy technology.