Games with Exciting Stories and Themes That You Can Play in 2021

We love games for many reasons. They offer incredible worlds for us to roam. They get us thinking, get us problem-solving, but more than anything, we love them for the stories. Games can weave a narrative in a way no other medium can. You get to be part of the story. You decide what should happen next, and these choices lead to the consequences of it all.

Over the past couple of years, there have been some incredible games that have taken us on journeys we never wanted to end. So, let’s find out some of the best games with exciting themes and stories.

Disco Elysium

If you love to play tabletop role-playing games, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’re the peak of branching narratives. Still, somehow Disco Elysium has put together a world, characters, and, best of all, story to rival your favorite games. In the storyline of this game, you stumble into solving the mystery of a body hanging in the backyard of a hotel while also solving the alcohol-induced amnesia of who you are.

It is up to you how you handle the case in your character and a set of statistics. Here, you got to be intelligent and get together with your past. If you like mind teasing games and the idea of stepping into the shoes of a detective, this story will keep you entertained.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs

In many games, stories are set across galaxies or take place thousands of years in the future, but this game only needs a couple of acres of the English countryside to keep you engrossed. To start with, it is incredibly beautiful. You see the verdant hills, wildflowers swaying in the wind, hot air balloons floating overhead, and you instantly feel at peace.

However, there is always something lurking just below the surface that keeps you on your toes. Metal detecting pro Beth and protagonist Adam have a history, as it seems. You maneuver their tricky relationship as carefully as you dig up the lost treasures from the soil, little by little uncovering something hidden beneath.

Treasure Fair

Fairs are attractive. They are a place of wonder and magic. Whether you are an adult or a kid, you get enticed by the aura of the fair. It is fun to enjoy amusing rides, playing with certain toys, and winning gifts in fun games. They offer an adrenaline-raising experience to the crowd. Like such funfairs, slot machine games are also a place of wonder and magic, and Treasure Fair is a perfect combination of these two things.

The story/theme of the game is set in a fair. The whole sky is dark, and the circus ringmaster welcomes you to the game, where you will see fireworks over the fair. When you spin the reel, the old circus ringmaster stands on the left corner and sees you creepily. The game seems exciting with its spooky visuals, mahogany tones, and terrifying sound effects. The game’s graphics are intimidating, but you will feel like you are in a real funfair. Treasure Fair is the only real money game on this list, so you should not miss it.

Resident Evil Village

Not all stories have happy endings or even happy beginnings. In fact, some stories have nothing happy about them. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean they are not engaging or enjoyable. Resident Evil games are not your standard shove as many scares and as possible horror. They have got some serious narrative. This game is gothic. Unlike many other games, this game has enough twisting terror to make it worthy of being there.

You will explore castles with ornate corridors but no windows. You also get to meet overwhelming vampire aristocrats and run from packs of animals, all while trying to discover where your kidnapped daughter is. It is also exciting to find out who the mysterious mother Miranda is. This story is as exciting as it needs a film adaption.

Kentucky Route Zero

The best way to describe the story of this game is otherworldly. It is set up to feel all at once as if you are merely an observer watching it all from a stage where people move about a static world, at the same time as you are deeply ingrained in every moment and every decision like you are living each chapter.  Magical realism weaves through the game like the highway across the map, and you fall in love with this world by looking and reading.

You sneakily browse on computers to discover more about NPCs or change the meaning of a song through your choices. This game is a story that was always going to happen. You are just lucky enough to be along for the ride.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life games are well created with such a compelling story. Due to this fact, they have become the most desired sequels among players. As a player, you play the character of teenage Alyx Vance in City 17. When Alyx came along, everyone knew it would have something special. And since the game is set ten before Half-Life 2, you will get a chance to experience everything that went down before Gordon Freeman again in gaming.

Half-Life is undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi video games. You see aliens, epic space stories, and or planetary battles. Thus, it is interesting to see every day Earth dealing invasions and get to live as Alyx.


Here, you’re not a hero. You are merely a raccoon detective down on his luck who takes a case that puts him in the middle of trouble with the city hierarchies. Because in this dystopian city inhabited by animals where trash pandas are at the bottom.

It is a reimagined point and clicks with a world that feels lived in, and it looks beautiful. You get to explore every inch of the city. Climbing over buildings to break into bars, hiding on roads to avoid NPCs, and sneaking through various rooms in each building are some sneaking experiences you shouldn’t miss. Another thing that makes the game more interesting is the dialogue. NPCs are complex and react believably to everything you say. So, it would be easy for you to gather information and solve the case.