Great Movies You Will Never Get Tired of Watching

Is Iron Man 2 better than Black Panther? What about Wanda Vision, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk? I would not be a faithful Marvel zombie if I don’t mention The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Well, what about the DC universe?

Let’s be honest, what if DC was to come up with a film such as Iron Man? Would it be appreciated or torn apart with criticism? I bet yes. 

But DC also has some of the best movies. For instance, Batman Vs. Superman is the talk of every kid. I would also mention the Justice League.  But what makes the movies so interesting that one can rewatch them over and over again? The key lies in giving the audience a taste of what would be if such acts were in the real world.

If you have decided to have a taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, choose one path and stick to it, you can decide to watch Marvel Movies in timeline order or according to the release date

Honestly, nothing can put you at risk when watching the trailers in chronological order. With over 24 movies, it has been an incredible run for the Disney-owned billion film industry.

As I started watching Iron Man 2008, I was amazed by the perfect connection and characters aligned to match the trailer. Is there a time Marvel will become too much? I don’t think so. There is not a single chance to have anything that will affect the MCU box office.

The mere fact that we are soon waiting for The Eternals, the Hawkeye, Spider-man: No Way Home makes it clear that Marvel has some cool stuff, and the genre is here to stay.

Let’s dive into the best DC and Marvel movies that have left the fans in awe-starting with Marvel films. I have limited the list to only the best 6 of Marvel and DC movies that have leaped the screens.

What are some of the Marvel movies you can watch all the time and never get tired of watching?

The Avengers: End game

Without going into details of the whole film, let’s take a portion of the Avengers: End game. It is the longest movie with about a margin of 3 hours and some few minutes. Indeed, you cannot lack a fair share of some unforgettable moments.

Recalling how Cassie Lang met her father again- this was when Scott returned from Quantum Realm. Interestingly he had no single idea of how time had lapsed. You can imagine the joy when he embraced his teenage daughter Cassie. 

The act is one of the most memorable moments of this movie. No fan would keep tears off from falling when seeing the pair get to see each other for the first time after 5 years. Cassie could not believe coming to grip her dad, who seemingly had come back from the dead.

I recommend The Avengers: Endgame to everyone who is a fan of watching funny trailers.

Guardians Of The Galaxy(2014)

What a flawless replication of the Guardians themselves? It’s hard to ignore the oddball grip of misfits who hooped together to construct some impression of a family to save the universe. This is when funneled into an arena to encounter enemies whom you are sure will teach you a lesson.

Do you remember the quest for the Orb? What about the escape from the Kyln, when Groot and Rocket Raccoon decided to work together and later escape to sell the Orb and share profits.” If you free us, I’ll lead you to the buyer directly and I’ll split the profit between the three of us.”

 “I am Groot.

The tension with the team is unforgettable.

I enjoyed every part of the Guardians of the Galaxy and would definitely watch it in a heartbeat.

The Avengers

Do you recall the Kree-Skrull War?

The war has raged for decades. Captain marvel arrived on Earth after spending some time in the Negative Zone. He was later held captive by the Avengers, Scarlet Witch, and others with Mar-Vell’s help. Later, news about having impregnated Skrull princess Annelle came up.

The movie shows when Mar-Vell was taken to Skrull Empire after he was advised that Avengers would be executed, and he is forced to come up with another Omni-Wave Projector.

What are some of the DC movies you can watch all the time and never get tired of watching?

It feels great to delve into the DC universe. I’m talking about the classic Dc movies. The movies seem to have every kind of superhero a fan would imagine. 

Batman, Superman, Quest of Peace, and Wonder Woman are perfect heroes of DC comics that fans have come to love for quite some time. But, The Dark Knight seems to have the crown.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is the best movie of all time. 

Starting with the opening scene, Joker and Batman were chasing one another, and Joker’s Mack truck’s top got flipped over. Not forgetting the SWAT team in the warehouse scene. 

Batman’s involvement in all the actions lightens up the movie. There is not a single moment where The Dark Knight was dull.

Superman: The Movie

Superman movies take their stand in the list of the DC rewatchable films.

When the planet Krypton got in danger and couldn’t convince the elders that no one, including his wife, would leave the earth. Jor-El feared the survival of his son Kal-El, and he sent him to Earth. Unfortunately, his son’s spaceship crashed three years later, and the boy was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who were childless.


No one could imagine that Batman could not turn his neck. Hilariously, this is a man who would be attacked by cruel criminals in Gotham.

You can’t miss going back and watching the awkward fighting scenes that made him look as if he was confused about what he was doing. When fighting, Batman had to give his shoulders a complete turn and look upwards as if arching his back.

So interesting!