HITMAN 3: 5 Reasons to Catch the Latest Instalment

It has been a long wait for many fans, but finally, the third instalment of the World of Assassination trilogy releases early 2021. It is a game that has been eagerly awaited, and Hitman 3 will soon be available to play. Early reports from those lucky enough to get their hands on advanced play are good, with all confirming that this is an excellent, well-designed way to complete the Agent 47 adventures and IO Interactive has excelled. So, let’s take a closer look at Hitman 3 and see what we know so far with five reasons to catch this latest instalment.

They Nailed It

If you have been playing this game from the start, you will remember it was way back in 2016 that IO Interactive conceived the World of Assassinations. It was marketed as an umbrella where many different versions of Hitman would live. The plan was to ensure that every new instalment came with the same executable, ensuring that players who wanted to purchase all three in the series were given a smooth and seamless experience between trilogy games. Unfortunately, there were some bumps in the road initially, and it didn’t really go according to plan. One of the problems was that the publisher Square Enix was not quite as on board with the idea as one would have hoped or as enthusiastic about the concept as IO Interactive themselves. When Hitman launched as a monthly series, there was much scepticism that they could in any way create this smooth user experience. However, now that all three games are available, we recommend players start again and replay the first two. You’ll see that they actually have nailed it and that you can move seamlessly right into the third instalment. There are plenty of improvements and tweaks along the way, and some of the later changes have been implemented into the legacy games meaning new additions such as visual cues for surveillance cameras and foliage, that makes a great Agent 47 hiding place, are now available throughout. Kudos to IO Interactive.


Cracking Levels 

While we have been impressed with the Hitman trilogy overall, Hitman three seems to feature the best levels so far. We begin our mission in Dubai in a Mission Impossible-style introduction which is set in the Sceptre. If you are not a fan of the game, you will need to understand that in Hitman’s world the Sceptre is the tallest skyscraper in this fantasy land. As Agent 47, you can stalk around the heights of the exterior or head inside to the opulent interior. The graphics are spot on, and when you are tentatively making your way around the outside via the scaffolding, you may find that a fear of heights kicks in. Mission two is entirely different as you move to an English Manor for a totally different experience. Alexa Carlisle is the Manor owner and member of Providence, and again there is plenty to see and do. While the setting may be physically smaller than some of the others, the storyline gives you plenty to do, and there is enough variety that you can really get deeply involved. Agent 47 can become a private investigator on the quest to solve a murder, and players will remember that this is not the first time they have assumed a pseudo-identity with previous games offering a real Estate Agent and a barber as undercover work to solve the mystery.

Gadgets Galore

It is not just the new missions that are impressive, there are also some cracking gadget additions to be found in Hitman 3. Agent 47 is equipped with a camera which enables keypad scanning and gives him the ability to keep his handlers up to date with visual information. Of course, it can be used as a straightforward camera with zoom and different filters, giving you a closer eye to many of the small details that may otherwise escape you. Remember that they have added changes in the legacy games, so this camera is now available in Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, which is pretty impressive. Once you have used your camera to scan security pads and obtain passcodes, you then have to key them in digit by digit, which again is a new detail we have not seen before in the Hitman trilogy. It makes Agent 47 that bit more interactive, and he is now able to approach computer terminals such as the Dubai skyscraper kiosk giving him access to floor plans and constructions making his missions just that little bit easier.

Faster Saving 

While this isn’t entirely and strictly down to the game itself, Hitman three when played on the latest console releases including the Xbox Series X and the PS5 will give you incredible loading and saving scummers; you’ll understand what a tremendous difference this makes. Hitman 3 game director Matthias Engstrom says he totally understands this form of gameplay so knock yourselves out and get saving at every corner.


End of an Era

Finally, it has to be said that the main reason to catch this latest instalment is that simply the game would not feel complete if you didn’t. If you have been a loyal and faithful fan and played both Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 and support the incredible graphics and worlds developed by IO Interactive, then Hitman 3 should undoubtedly be on your playlist from the date of release early next year.