How Artificial Intelligence Makes for a Better Gaming Experience

As we move further towards a world that is run by robots, where we are literal slaves to the machines, it’s hard to not think back to a time where we were content with the simple things in life. Whether we want it or not, technology is moving at faster rates every year and you’ll just have to go buy that cabin in the woods to escape it.

Online gaming has always been at the forefront of advances in tech and has used it to perfection. Different algorithms are the latest advancements that will see players receive a truly tailor-made experience. This is the plan but just how will it change things for the average joe?

Preferred Games

All collated data can help tell the developers exactly what players like and don’t like. They can then focus on aspects they can see players enjoy for a more streamlined production line. It’s a lot more accurate than asking for feedback, which players can’t be bothered being involved in. 

And the gaming platform itself will be able to recommend what you could play next based on hits in its algorithm from their game’s library. Little things, but it helps.

Customer Support

Humans are social but prone to mistakes. Would you rather have someone to chat to about random life or factual answers to your query? Chat bots are becoming more and more common and reduce overheads for the gaming platform. They answer questions instantly and avoid queues for players. When they work, they are the perfect solution, and they are improving.


Fraudulent play harms everyone except the participant and could be erased all together. Cheaters will be able to be picked up instantly and dealt with. Also, with AI recognition technology, the gaming platform will know exactly who is using their software to avoid coercion and other problems that corrupt the integrity of the games.


Again, all this data tailoring the experience to the individual will be perfect for new game suggestions and promotions. There’s no point spending time and money trying to target everyone with everything, just give players what they like, and they’ll be happy. 

AI in Casino

AI is mainly about taking all the tiny, seemingly useless, bits of information and putting it all together like a jigsaw. From security to games to payments, tiny amounts of AI have been built into almost all top-rated real money casino sites by 2021 to provide features that players take for granted nowadays.


Now here’s where a human will never be replaced (we think). Scenarios that can dramatically affect the outcome cannot always be perceived by AI. It can’t because in online multiplayer games, there are too many humans involved that are always going to be more complex than any computer. But that’s OK because that it’s just a part of the multiplayer experience that makes it appealing to gamers; the unknown.