How Big Data is Changing the Slot Wins

Casinos are all about the numbers game. Each game a casino offers has a chance of paying out big wins, but it will always have a slight advantage towards the casino. While the casino may end up losing money when a player wins a big payout, it will always make money in the end. Casino operators know this because they spend a lot of time analyzing the numbers and the math behind the software of the games.  

The casino industry uses big data and analytics to determine business decisions, including how casinos market their site, the kind of games offered, and more. For casinos, around 70% of their income comes from slots, so these games have received a lot of attention from casino operators and developers who are looking for ways to increase their revenue. Big data can be used to analyze the way people play slots and ultimately change the games for the better and attract more players. In this article, gambling expert Alexandra Vasilkova (more about Alexandra) examines the ways big data is being used to improve slots for the better.

How Casinos Collect Data

Data is willingly provided by online casino players, including the details they enter when they sign up, the games they play, and their preferred payment methods. When players enjoy games such as high volatility slots, they also provide details on their playing habits. All of this information helps the casino to build a clear picture of each of their users, allowing them to gain better insights into the preferences and habits of each player. 

Gaming sites are heavily regulated by the government, and as a result, they need to legitimately acquire and store internet data by using readily available sources. iGaming companies obtain this information in the same way that any other internet business does: by tracking your online behavior and analyzing your history. 

In the past, some casinos have been criticized for failing to properly store player data, leading to hacks and security breaches. Today, cybersecurity is a more important topic than ever, and the vast majority of online casinos now take careful measures to secure any data they collect. 

Data isn’t just collected by online casinos, of course. Land-based casinos collect data on which machines and tables are most popular as well as the various habits of the players. However, it’s much more difficult to collect information offline, and while casinos do make good use of the data they collect, online casinos have a much simpler task.

Using Data to Improve Online Slots

Through data analysis, casinos can see player’s favourite slot machines and determine which features and bonuses they like the best. This information can then be sold off to casino software developers, which use it to develop and create the next generation of slots and casino games. Over time, as data analysis provides more insights into what players want to see, games will become even more exciting and offer new and interesting features.

Currently, the trend in online casino game development is to improve the immersion and level of interaction that games provide. The next generation of online slots may well start to use technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality as players look for increasingly exciting games. When it comes to video slots at land-based casinos, big data is being used to determine the layout of the machines. Casinos place high-paying slots near the entrance to attract people in with the sound of wins, while low-paying slots will be placed close to high traffic areas.

Outside of game design, big data can also be used to give players a personalized experience. In the gambling industry, player loyalty is determined by the quality of the service they receive. Personalization customizes each player’s experience based on their wants and needs, giving them more of a certain type of game or bonus that they like the most. With personalized service, loyalty comes much easier, and casinos will find it easier to retain their customers. 

As the casino industry continues to grow and become more competitive, big data will have a greater impact on how the industry works. Casinos are already using data to create more exciting games and give players the kind of experience they want. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for big data in the casino industry and what slots will look like in a few years’ time.