How Can I Speed Up My Laptop?

Are you thinking about how you can speed up your laptop? It’s very frustrating waiting forever for your computer to startup, and painful waiting to open a folder or even load a webpage. These types of things can make even a sanest of people want to throw their PC in the trash.

All computers and laptops will experience slower speed at one point. Your PC can react to software demands by slowing its program, and these changes can have a significant impact on your performance.

The previous versions of Microsoft desktop operating system are slower than windows 10, but you can still upgrade its performance. For optimizing your laptop, you have to go through some steps that can breathe new life into your existing laptop. You can make some improvements to make your computer run faster, that is more cost-effective and straightforward.

Today, we’d like to discuss with you a few tips and a kind of guideline to speed up a laptop for free without spending a cent adding new hardware.

Be more organized

If you want your PC to work without any problems, be more organized. Because your laptop is like a person, and a person can’t be productive unless they’re organized. Your laptop follows the same principle as a person; the more organized your computer program is, the faster it works.

The question is how to make our laptops more organized? The answer is simple. You can start with clearing up the desktop, get rid of unnecessary files and remove the shortcuts you don’t use regularly.

Check your web browser

Small mistakes can make your laptop perform slowly, while minor adjustments can often make a difference with your PC’s speed. When your laptop is working slow and takes so much time to download, files start to accumulate, and due to this, your computer will run more slowly. It means you need to look at your web browser as soon as possible to speed up your laptop.

You’re fortunate because it is an easy fix. In popular web browsers, there are two ways to look into the browser. If you are an internet explorer user, visit internet options here you have a general tab, click on it. Then, look for your browsing history, select “temporary internet files” and “website data” and hit the delete button.

For Google Chrome, in the tab of more setting select “more tools”, click on the “Clear browsing data” button. Always remember that chrome allows you to clear data of a specific period. If you have never deleted your files, and want to select “all-time”, click on it. After you choose what files you want to delete hit the delete button.

Disable useless features

When you use Windows 7 or Vista, there is a feature called Aero that improves the aesthetic look of your screen. We don’t have to have these kinds of elements in our laptop because these features tend to consume more system resources and slow down your PC.

Limit the startup programs

Your computer startup depends on several things like the hardware you’re using and the versions of windows. But the most significant effect that causes slowing down of your laptop is the number of scheduled programs to start up.

When you turn on your computer, many programs will start running invisibly in the background. That cause is slowing down the system startup time and potentially causing software crushes. Don’t worry, and you can quickly fix this by disabling the programs that you don’t need to start straight away.

At first, click Start and type “MSConfig” in the search bar and press enter. Click the startup tab in the system configuration window. After this, you see a list of programs that appear on your laptop screen. Here you have to untick those boxes you don’t want to launch automatically at startup. When you finalize the plans you don’t use regularly, click on the apply button and click okay. Now it’s time to restart your system.

Upgrade your RAM size

When you’re power user, increasing your RAM size is an excellent option for you. If your laptop runs a system with less than 2GB RAM, you should consider upgrading your RAM up to 4GB or more. This will undoubtedly improve your system performance and speed up a laptop. You don’t need a new notebook for this; you can buy the new RAM and slot it in.

Less multitasking

As discussed above, your laptop is just like a person, if you overuse it, you are indeed torturing it, and its life will end sooner than later. Your computer is designed to meet your basic demands like documenting and communication, but you’re doing wrong if you are using it for heavy games.

The other important thing you should keep in mind is that the more programs you run at a time, the more slowdowns you’re going to come across. To run your laptop smoothly, avoid multitasking at all costs.

Update device drivers

Whenever possible, keep your device drivers up to date because updating your drivers is often a handy fix if your laptop is not working correctly. If you’re looking who to check updates, here is a guide for you. First, you have to right-click the ‘home” button and select the “device manager”. After this right clicks on the device, you want to update the drivers on.

Check for viruses

Sometimes viruses and spyware can cause the slowing of your laptop and disturb its performance. So, always check for viruses and spyware by built-in windows defender or through the third party. But the best option is PCMag security top pick among malware-cleanup program, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Manage your computer temperature

It is a great idea to keep an eye on your system temperatures. If you are a regular user of demanding software on your laptop, you must have to do some things to alleviate your low laptop’s temperature load.

To keep your laptop work smoothly with average temperature, make sure your computer is at the right place. Avoid putting your laptops on your lap, because it blocks the space beneath the laptop used for airflow.

Revert game version

It somehow sounds a niche tip, but it can be a lifesaver for your laptop. You can revert the game version by right-clicking the game in your library. Here you have to select “properties”, and go to the “betas” tab. Here you can update the old versions of games. Mostly it does not work well for most online multiplayer games, and you need to be running the same performance like everyone else.

It is not important to have an expensive laptop for better speed and performance. You can buy a top laptop under 500 dollars that can work smoothly and give you a fantastic ride nonstop for a long time. Many full working laptops are available under 500$ like HP Stream 11, Lenovo Chromebook 15, and Acer Swift 1. All these laptops are work properly if you keep them save and organize.

Best software to speed up your laptop

If your laptop is working slowly because of the operating system or apps, it needs more RAM and SSD. But if the problem is software related, you need to need some build-in system software. Here we have a list of best free software that you can use without spending a penny. Check out best remote desktop software that suits your requirements.

IObit Advanced System Care

This type of software comes in two forms, first is a free version covering the necessary level house cleaning and the pro version that provides internet speed boosting and real-time optimization. The other advantages of IObit Advanced System Care are privacy protection, 24/7 technical support and deep registry cleaning.

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform Cleaner is still very popular after around a long time. Its ongoing popularity is because it cleans your PC’s parts that many other free apps don’t. It has a paid version that adds real-time protection and cleanup schedule.

Razer Cortex: Boost

When you try to on your game and tour system face struggle, the situation gets frustrating. But in this case, Razer Cortex: Boost could be your answer. This fantastic software app is free, and the best thing is it suspends all unnecessary system processes, clears out memory and defrags your system to get the best game performance.


If you’re experiencing issues in your laptop performance, make sure to look that there is no malware, spyware and viruses. After this, make sure to double-check to see what else might be causing like less space in RAM, and SSD cards. So, you can clear these issues and speed up, maintain your laptop and enjoy an overall better experience because these minor adjustments can make a huge difference in your laptop or PC working ability.