How graphics are created in modern online games: HTML5 and Flash

Despite the death of Flash games, there is still a big market for browser-based and cross-platform games. Every day, whether you’re a player or not, there are more and more professional online games launched.

HTML5 game development has reached new heights as a result of technological breakthroughs and new frameworks, enabling multiplayer experiences, 3D graphics, and more.

Adobe Flash was being pushed to Internet surfers. Security flaws, stability difficulties, performance issues, a lack of open source, and mobile device issues have all contributed to decreasing using Flash.

Google Chrome’s dominance as the most popular web browser has a significant impact on web development trends. Because of Adobe’s stance on Flash, developers have been encouraged to migrate to HTML5. This tendency is especially typical of the Netherlands, where the number of  online game developers increases as time goes by. As a consequence, nowadays many online games in the best Dutch casino, is developed through the use of HTML5. It is worth noting that the use of HTML5 in online casino games development allows gamblers to get a unique user experience as this markup language is the best for creating 3D graphics.

Graphics in modern online games are created using HTML5 and Flash. Let’s take a look at them one by one.


Unlike the more popular meaning of HTML5, which refers to all of the “new” web technologies that have arisen in recent years, the official definition of HTML5 merely refers to the most recent edition of HTML.

HTML, along with all of its other incredible capabilities, allows us to develop games. Apart from the Netherlands many European countries like Belgium use this language to develop and create the best online casino games. For this reason, many people nowadays search for online casino sites Belgium in order to find out the best one among other gambling websites. Through the websites, players can find more information about the terms and services of a certain online casino. Also, read whether HTML5 or Flash is used for developing online games or whether provided games are 2D or 3D. 

Before deciding on which game engine to use while developing a game, make sure you undertake enough research. Whatever engine you select, if you want to use it successfully, you’ll need to understand its code and internal workings.


Websites often provide Flash-based browser games. Despite the fact that Flash is being phased out in favor of mobile apps, many high-quality games are still being made in the format. 

Many online casinos consider that Flash should not be no longer used for game development. However, that’s not the case for every casino. There are some gamblers who prefer retro-themed online games. In order to develop those types of games, Flash is one of the main things that should be used. Denmark is the prominent country where some of the developers still use Flash. Usually, Flash (as well as HTML5) is used to develop Danmarks største online casino (in Danish: Denmark’s largest online casino) games, as long as it has nice support for Audio and video formats. As a consequence, many online games that are created through Flash have a prominent quality and give customers a fascinating experience. 

The following are examples of popular flash-based games:

In the “endless runners,” the character moves for the player, it is up to the user to jump over obstacles or otherwise interact with the game. The gamer’s control options are often restricted to one or two options.

Some of the games emphasize the player’s character’s development and progress, as well as traversing a variety of environments and meeting a variety of opponent types. RPG combat varies greatly, however most employ turn-based systems. Action games, on the other hand, are much more straightforward to code.

Flash is the best option for 2D games. You can create 3D games if you have a lot of expertise with the Flash programming language. The great majority of popular Flash games have been two-dimensional.

Flash games are written in AS3, and if you want to build one, you need to understand how it works. A simple game does not need a detailed understanding of AS3.